Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sarcasm is Funny!!!!

So my mum says I'm a nasty sarcastic little girl!! but Ii think I'm just funny!! ha ha!!!

On Pinterest the other day i was searching for pretty wedding images and i found myself laughing hysterically when i saw these... maybe because i just related so well to them!!!! You have to have a look!!!

Source unknown :(

Now you can't agree with my mum that I'm mean... I know at a few of these you were thinking "Yeah that's true!!!!"
People are just plain.... stupid.... sometimes!!! There is just no other explanation... but but but... I'm going to work on being nicer.... someday.... in the future... in the near future... !

And just to make mommy happy.... here is something i know she'll like!! Infact all your mum's will like.... send them this image!!!

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