Monday, 13 June 2011

Paneer Mushroom Something!

Food is my meditation....

really cooking makes me happy and calm.... happy is easy but being calm for me is a task... i really got to work on it all the time!!! See i am by nature a super active super impatient person (ask my mum!!) and just sitting down and relaxing just being... thats difficult...

But thanks to the great Australian master chef show...

.......i started cooking.... and i realized just how relaxed i felt.... taking a recipe off the net... and adding to it... or just taking something my mum made or my mum in law made and then adding my two bits to it.... seeing the final product on a plate and setting it in front of my approving husband.... good relaxed calm feeling!!!!!

So you will see some fancy recipes i tried out as well as some simple lunches i make for myself when the hubby is at work....

Here is todays simple cottage cheese and mushroom lunch!

First a little olive oil.... for healthier reasons!

add some crushed garlic..... two reasons: 1 the peel comes off more easily and 2 the garlic tastes better....

chillies..... i get this from my mum who gets it from her dad!!!!!
some chopped up spring onion.... i love love love these!

my bai (maid) makes some fresh paneer (cottage cheese) for me every other day...
I had some left over mushrooms from the birthday party so i chopped them up....

I also love mustard sauce.... hubby hates it so i usually use it for my lone lunches!

a little salt and pepper!

And ta-da!!!!

My paneer mushroom healthy lunch!

with a few wafers and a breezer!!! hey its still healthy!!!!

please check all links (via- below each image), it could take you to a fun recipe!

if you try this let me know how you liked it :)

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