Sunday, 29 May 2011

The French Manicure Revisted!!!

i have always and forever loved the french manicure.... something so elegant so simple and so so beautiful about it..... makes your hand look so clean and pretty......

but sometimes i just feel it can also be a little bland.... a little just a little boring.....?

but on the other hand i don't like having roses and butterflies on my nails either.... bright colors i like.... but silly drawings... nah!!


so now we got color and a french manicure.... i need to mix these two up.... so here goes!!!

I picked two really fun colors... a bright fun lime green and a happy blue.... from VOV....

Coat number one of the lime green 

Coat two of the lime green ... little miss impatient is getting impatient...... it got messed twice!!!

 now the fun lines!!! i insist on doing it free hand... just cant handle the tape and all.... too time consuming.... and i'm ok with it being a bit rough!

.....ees so pretty!!!!!!!!now for some modelling!!!

Ta -da!!!! my colorful manicure!!!!

spoilt cat.... copy cat!!!!

he ha ha ha ha ha!!! thats me.... a leo all the way!!!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sarah and Bendrix ... and Me!!!

sarah and bendrix....... wow!!! 

so simple so crafty so unique... so so original!!!! i loved the work the minute i set eyes on it...

all done by Veronika.... "I have always loved to create. When I was a little girl my favorite activity was moving furniture in a dolls house and I still do it now. I'm a mum, crafter, artist, foreigner living in London. This is a place where I share my projects, ideas and dreams." so she says!

I first saw her work on a site called: 

And started googling her works. Each and every piece is a masterpiece....(and not very easy to copy i might add!!!) the small hearts, the tea soaked newspaper and antique book works.... just made me want to go ahead and do this myself!!! so first of all here are a few images of her works.... so you can see the best before you see my version of it!!

Ands now for me and my experiment!!!
i picked the old book paper artwork and one colored one...

first of all i was very very excited about turning the paper into this antique looking thing.... boiled my pot of tea and all that!!!

now im not sure how she cuts her absolutely perfect hearts.... must have the silhouette cutter im sure... i however had to rely on good old tracing and cutting. 

so here are my big hearts all cut up and brushed up with tea water....

I made some small hearts as well.... see as per the the original all i needed was one BIG heart.... but because i wanted to add my own two bits i made some small ones as well....

The coffee stains was totally inspired by these coffee stain brushes i found on photoshop.... only those take like a second to make... these you need you tea boiled and a nice end to a glass and then you're set.... 

 this is my absolutely favorite image.... so basically after the hearts are all dried up... this takes like some 10 to 15 mins.... i actually used the hair dryer because i'm so impatient!!!!! but they just kept flying away! so i had to wait... having your TV around helps!!!

 so once they are dry just stick one piece to the paper... put a few drops of fevicol (the key word being "FEW") on the center line of your heart and fix the next one and so on and so forth. Till you feel you have a fluffy enough heart! now the real trick is to remember to save the nicest looking paper for the top.
 I first made two layouts of how i wanted to place the smaller hearts... before i actually stuck them... its always a good idea to do this.... especially for someone like me.... impatient.... because this way you can be sure of how you want the composition to look before you're stuck with it!!! 
I choose the second composition.... now I'm thinking maybe the first!!! ha ha... well it's off for framing can't do nothing about it now!!! lets see what it looks like once its back :)

well Veronika.... i hope i have done some justice to your work.... i know it will never be the same but i love it so much that I had to give it a shot!!

ps: you see those pom pom flowers in her photographs... they are next in line.... so dont forget to come back for them!!!!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Things i want to copy!

Doiley bowl:

Pom Poms.... so so fun!!!

And the herculean task: 
Wall Paper!!
Wish me luck!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Flower Power.....!

And then i went on a flower craze!!!

tutorial after tutorial and some of my own experiment even!!

in no time i had made like 20-22 flowers in 3 days....

fabric i always have... for some reason or another i buy some really pretty fabric and store it... so i had like some lovely raw silks, sexy satins, brocades which i love and see thru nets...reds oranges yellow and pinks...and one odd blue (a left over from my gift wrapping of my nephews first gift!)

Crazy...  i know right!!!!! thing is i just could stop!!! its so addictive... and u can even use your scraps.... some needed stitching some just a little fevicol... good fun!

I don't have any links for the flowers in this board... but if i find them again (what a task thats going to be) i'll put it up...

I have a link for this one:
Now seeing this link and seeing my flower may be two VERY very different things.... !!!! but it was worth a try... maybe i need to get some peach colored soft net fabric for this to look like the one in the tutorial...!!

I have a link for this one too:

Now the reason i have linked all these to their tutorials is so that u can give it a go.... its so easy!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Project one:

Project One: the Fabric Flower

I started off looking for diy projects for wedding and i found this site

It had this simple tutorial for a fabric flower....

Fabric flowers are the most popular diy projects!

So here is my tryst with my first fabric flower;
I started by picking a bright yellow raw silk fabric. And cut it into 5 large circles and 6 small ones. Around 4" and 1" in diameter.

 I chose the best circle i had (and that was tough.... all my circles were so bad!!!) and placed it as the base. I took the next circle folded it into a quarter. I found that if the folds are a little off they tend to add some texture to the final flower.
 I stitched the quarter with the corner at the center of the base circle. I did this with all four large circles. the rougher it is i think the prettier the flower will be!
 This is how the flower looks once all four quarters are in place... once you fluff them up that is!
 I took four of the small circles folded them in quarters as well. each circle i placed within one large circle and stitched it into place. Now this is something i added apart from the tutorial. I just felt it added a lot of texture and character to my flower.
Then i took the 5th little circle and rolled it up for the center.
 This is how it looked once i stitched in the center petal.
 Finally i took the last little circle and hid my really bad stitching!!!!! this is also the place where i put in my safety pin so that i can pin it to my t shirts!
 Voila! a fabric flower is ready!!!!
This took me around 3 hours ( i was watching dexter while doing this so....!!!) I think though i can make on flower from cutting to final product in about 40 mins.... which isn't too bad!

Now not only did i fix this to my t shirts and tops, i also fixed this to a ribbon i used as a 1. headband 2. gift wrap ribbon. i went so crazy making these flowers.... i have them in a number of colors now!

The best part was how easy it was. some basic cutting, folding and really really basic stitching!!!

Try it its fun!!!!

copying reproducing duplicating ripping off plagiarizing everything!

Ok... so lets start...

now that we know this blog is here to help me find my creativity... it all came down to "what to create??"!!

my husband and i have had this long standing discussion on how designers are just not original anymore... on how they just Google new designs and then make them, add a bit of their stuff and pass it along as their own.

some people we know have even gone up to being upset that someone else copied the same design that they copied and now both designers have the same product... copied!!!!!

so i decided to not just copy but to be honest about copying!

being online for the last few months searching for "my thing" i realized how much i loved making things. so the great DIY projects and websites soon started filling my bookmark manager. and slowly i started to make the things i was seeing... just to see if i could....if i had it in me...

and this has led me to ... copying reproducing duplicating ripping off plagiarizing everything! and recording it....!!

from replicating art to stitching (something i have never done before) i started making a number of things.

And i am going to use this blog to show off my copied products!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day one...

the whole reason behind this blog is to find my creativity again. 

As an ex interior designer wedding planner actor photoshop expert (only to people who don't understand photoshop) basically from being the "it" girl in something creative.... to not knowing what to do with my life! 

how did i get here??? 

i could create... i could draw (kinda) i could design i could come up with fab ideas in no time... and now i stress every time some says "can u design this??"

It started a year and a half ago when my husband and i decided to do "something creative" together! the whole concept was his brainchild... his baby. 

Now he is like a more brains person not so much creative... he's the manager the business end and the math genius and all of that... and i was... yup... the creative end.... till this little project we started. And suddenly the tables had turned... i was handling accounts and doing the calculations and he was ..... designing creating sketching (so bad that they were really cute!!) 

he'd put on his music and walk around the office and all these creative juices just started poring out of him.... and i started to feel more and more .... incompetent.

and this feeling just lasted. 

a lot has changed since then... and now he's taken up a great sales and marketing job for a motorcycle company where he gets to use his new found (!!!) creativity and i... I am jobless.... creativity-less if thats a word! 

And so i've been home... on the super entertaining internet... which i hated very much at first (i had a long standing joke that if i typed "cat" in the search tab all i would get is dogs!!!) but now.... we're friends.. and i spend all day on it.... in my search for something creative to do......