Sunday, 31 July 2011

Doggies doing what they do best!!!

I love dogs... like really really truly am nuts about them.... everything from their puppy eyes to wet noses to their wagging tails.... the way the get your attention the way they curl up next to you.... I feel like i have this crazy connection with dogs!!!

seems like I'm not the only one....!!! Carli Davidson photographed dogs while they shook off water and caught them in one of their cutest moments!! Dogs have never looked more adorable!! here they are...

Didn't that just get you smiling!!! For more check out Carli's website ""

have fun!

The blasted cold.....

This is how i feel when i have a cold!!!

and with such a pretty gun... I'm set!!!

till this cold goes away... its me my tissue box and some warm lime juice!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Bridal Emergency Kit!

Now as far as weddings go.... this post is probably the most important one....I learnt this from experience.

So at my wedding when my husband (sweet innocent thing that he is) put my sindoor a little too generously  it fell on my nose! Now for those who don't know, Sindoor is a red powder,traditionally applied at the beginning or completely along the parting-line of a woman’s hair (also called mang) or as a dot on the forehead. This is the sign of a married women in India. 

Ok ok i admit maybe i told him to drop a little on my nose, the key word here being "little"! See according to some funny tradition if a "little" sindoor drops on the nose its a sign of your mother in law loving you!!!

So yes my mother in law loves me... but in all my post wedding pictures i look like rudolf the reindeer. 

So to avoid a disaster like this one i strongly recommend the Brides Survival Kit.

Now it will seem like the most obvious list of things. But trust me in all the chaos you will forget something. So before hand make out your list. Give it to a close friend who will ensure it is with her all the time, provided of course she is with you all the time!!!

This is my list, its simple but has all the effective things. 

1. Hair pins
2. Safety pins
3. Extra earring backs (most painful thing to loose on d day)
4. Hair comb, brush
5. Hair styling product (remove some mousse in a small bottle)
6. Hand sanitizer, tissues and wet wipes
7. Perfume (find a travel sized bottle of your favorite scent)
8. Scissors and tweezers.
9. Nail file (so so important!!!)
10. Nail Paint (for touch ups)
11. Blush,kajaal, lipstick, gloss and a moisturizer.(would have helped me with the nose situation!) 
12. Small mirror
13. Some cash in a small coin purse.
14. Straws (you'll thank me!!)
15. Breath Mint (you'll really thank me!!!) Carry a small dental floss case as well!
16. Pain medicine and Band aids. (in case you get a last minute headache)
17. Water bottle (a really small one for absolute emergency)
18. Lens case and solution if you wear lenses. (an extra set of lenses as well)
19. Energy drink and/or Energy bars. 
20. A small sewing kit.
22. Dark chocolate. (trust me its an instant mood up lifter!)

Also make sure these things are close by:
1. Two extra pair of shoes. One, a nice dressy pair in case your wedding shoe breaks and the other a very comfortable pair in case your wedding shoe gives you a shoe bite and you can't wear the fancy seconds. 
2. Tampoons and/or Sanitary napkins (just in case)
3. Cello tape or Scotch tape (again for your shoes)
4. A sheet with phone number of key family member from both sides, friend's numbers, hotel and venue numbers, all vendor contact information. 

Yes the list seems long, but just knowing that all these things are a hands reach away will make you feel more secure. 

Place it all (or most of it!!!) in a cute purse, match it to your girlfriends dress if you have to. 


Friday, 29 July 2011

The Funnies!!!

So finally the monsoon's hit me.... a cold a cough and a cold!!!!!!!! I really think the cold is the worst.... sniffling into a napkin can make anyone feel ughhh!!! 
So i found something on my phone to cheer me up....

Indian Truck backs!!! for some reason Indian truck drivers write the funniest things on the back of their trucks! The english is awful... the poetry or "Shayari" as we call it is so so bad that its great!!! 

And I always make it a point to click pictures of them... Hope u find them as funny!!!

Malik ki gaadi driver ka paseena chalti hain road par bankar haseena!!!!

Dum hain to pass kar varna bardasht kar!!
has mat pagli varna pyaar ho jayega!!

Use Deeper at night!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

and in finer print: buri nazar vale tera muh kala (and) ladki patthi hai patane vala chahiye gaadi chalti hain chalane vala chahiye!!!!

And this final one was on a construction site... it was just too funny!!

This is what the sign says:

If you don't tie the strap, you will lie in the scrap!!!!

Oh my god... i feel much better already!!! he ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Color Pink!

Pink: I'm not a big fan... but something about a soft pink wedding... its just so romantic and virginal... i love it!

I used to find the color very bland... with no real personality, neither a nice bright red nor a soft pure white. It was too much of an in between. Also pink was just too girlie a color for me i guess!!! ironically it really suits me!!!

So i did small pink wedding google! (funny how google has become a term "to search"!!!)  and found how the color stands out even as a soft pastel as well as a bright in your face color.

I got so taken up that i decided to make two boards fully inspired by the variation you can get with such a "bland" color!!!

The first one is a soft colored board. I love the name of light pink colors: Ash rose, Baby pink, Cotton Candy pink, Coral, Salmon, Begonia, Peachy Pink, Victorian Pink, Dusty pink!!!

Everything about this board is just like a fairy tale. The romance (sigh), its like getting softly kissed!!! I love this board... its was so much fun finding the images but so difficult choosing the right mix. Every time i look at this board the word "blush" just pops up in my head!

Lace Satin Tulle and a pink.... that's a heavenly combination for a wedding... don't you think?!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 , 10

And now for the Bright,  The Hot Pink!!! Suddenly the sexy undertones come out of this "bland" color! I love the bright pink as well, its such a happy fun color... makes you want to jump for joy!!

Red Hot, *Mischief* Fuchsia  *Naughty*  Raspberry Pink *Playful* Shocking Pink *Rogues* Magenta!!!!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

And that ends my Pink affair.... it was lovely while it lasted... but i think I'm gonna go get some blues and greens into my system now!!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blog Around The World!

I have just been on the most fantastic journey ever! From New Zealand to the UK the US, Portugal and finally South Africa..... its been amazing!!! I can't believe i still haven't been to South Africa... well this journey will surely make me go!!

And to have  a wedding there.... wow... that's just like a cherry topping on it! Considering my love for Lions and Tigers and Elephants... i wont need any guests!!! they can be my guests :) and what a fun party we'd have... ha ha ha!!!

The wedding blog community out there is so strong and so creative it amazes me... the power of the internet will never cease to surprise me!! I just loved how all the bloggers have taken time out from their regular blogs to come up with something so unique and inspiring.  Well i have Alicia from "The Charity Wedding" to thank for this:

From Alicia-
Hello Lovelies! I am Alicia from The Charity Wedding and I am excited to present another round of Blog Around the World with some of my favorite wedding bloggers! I recently helped organized a styled shoot using the theme of a Vintage Desert Safari. Each blogger will be showcasing a photo from the shoot and sharing some tips, advice, or just some pretty-eye candy for you to enjoy! Be sure to visit all the blogs to make sure you catch all the goodness! Thanks so much to all of the participants!
So what i did was i went to each blog first to read all the lovely inspirations and tips, then i went again and got together all the images each blogger shared and put them together!

Hope you guys enjoy this!

Starting with Bubble Rock Studios (New Zealand)

Cap Classique (UK, South Africa)

my favorites! The Unreal Bride (India)

Brancoprata (Portugal)

 And all this to send out such a thoughtful message "To look after these beautiful creatures!"

A round of applause for all the vendors who made this shoot possible:

Love these styled shoots... they are always so inspiring!!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

I just had to ad to join in the Wedding Wednesday that's been going around!! So here is a quick post of great ideas for guests to leave their wishes for a couple.

The wish tree i believe has become one of the most used and most boring ideas ever!!

Even when blinged....

So i hunted online for some really unique ideas!

Type writers at the wedding! I love this idea!

This may be time consuming to make... but what a wonderful keepsake!

The ultimate wedding scrapbook!

Wash your dirty laundry in public!!!

Get some wishes and a reminder to every guests birthday!! I need this!

Adds as a decor element as well!

Love the letter box!

Jigsaw puzzle wishes!

So the next time you're in charge of planning the the guest wishes part of a wedding... use one of these super fun ideas!!!