Saturday, 16 June 2012

DIY- Art and Craft!

A DIY that happened right here in jaipur.....

One of those things that you just decide to suddenly do and it takes about an hour to make.... and the result is way more amazing than if you had spent a day thinking and planning about it!!!

So i was just watching TV (my all time favorite thing in the world) but my hands were itching... i just felt like i HAD to do something....

I had some small canvases at home... which i had stored thinking someday one day i'll make something.... and ta - da... the day had arrived!!!

I pulled out some old magazines... which i love storing because you never know when they inspire you....

got me some bright blue turquoise blue paint.... remnants of my room paint....

and got to work!!!

I painted the canvas.... and cut strips of magazine papers.... i tried sticking to like a color scheme.... namely blues gray and light beige....also i tried pulling out really pretty images!!!

I stuck the images, in a random manner and turned them all the way onto the thickness of the canvas. Its very important to keep the lines straight or at the end it won't look good.

Thats about done..... i like leaving some paint surfaces free so you can tell that its a canvas really.

Finally i punched some butterflies out of thick red paper, folded them such that their wings stand up and stuck them on to the canvas.

and its ready to be put up for show!!!! Now isn't that pretty and easy.... pretty easy!!!! ( ha ha ha i just had to!!!)

Imagine if I could make this in an hour what can I do with my whole day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday Photos!

Wednesday pics.... what started as a weekly post turned into a monthly then bi monthly post.... bad bad alishka!!!!

So let me try again.... this week I'm going to post the cutest picture ever that I found on pinterest!! (not true.... well okie, one of the cutest pictures ever!!!)

is that not just the most adorable thing in the world??? 

Have a great mid week!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Art Affairs!!

So yesterday i got art attacked!!! saw this beautiful blog of graphic,multi-media artist Alisa Burke....and i got out my sketch book and my colors and spent the whole day in paradise!!

I was already bit by the bug a few days earlier when i saw artist Anahata Katkins blog.... but more than having her art (which is fantastic) inspire me it was her profile picture!!!

So let me start by showing you what came out of my Anahata inspired art work.... though i must admit parts of it came from this other artist (!!!!! i know!!!!) Hajin Bae aka Soulist-Aurora as well!!

Here is her profile picture:

I fell in love with the way the flowers frame her face.... so magical don't you think?

And here is the artwork from Hajjin bae- what i loved was the hair.... the detailing of like each strand..... so pretty!

And here is my version :)

I did the flowers in water color..... sooooo much fun! and sketched the face and hair with a sketch pen. its not as magical as i wanted it to be, like the photograph and neither is the hair as accurate as the inspiration.... but hey its my first!!! 
I'm especially pleased with the face... the scale and slight expression.... i always drew bland faced girls.... i think this on'es got a little something!

Hajjin bae collaborates with Bryant Eslava, together they are called BryJin and they create  some really spectacular work.... I was really inspired by one of her works....
again i loved the detailing of the hair.... the colors are just stunning....

But for me the girl just had to be prettier!!! ha ha ha!!! 
Ok look the hair is super tough... but i'm going to keep at it till i get it right!
But again i really liked the expression i have caught.... the flowers i like and the front of the hair.... like! 
my shading however could get better!!!! 

Now for my new favorite Alisa Burke....! I love her sketches, all of them.... her work is just so colorful and detailed ... she has a seven moth little baby girl Lucy who she straps to her back when she just has to work! you guys have to read her blog.... its fun and inspiring and full of life! what especially attracted me to her work was her doodling.... her little flowers and circles and things.... plus she is a complete DIY girl... from headbands to toys for her daughter made of scraps to bangles.... everything and anything basically.

Here is some of her work:

isn't that just so pretty?!

I always loved sketching flowers but seeing this has just inspired me more!

So this formed the basis of my art work....

as did this.....

and voila! here is my representation of her work....
I've worked with watercolor before but not quite like this.... the mixing is not as easy as it seems.... and the colors and shade and shadow.... hmmmm.... that's a whole other blog post!!!!

but still i liked the red flowers and the blue and purple backgrounds..... the leaves and the rose needs a lot more work.... 

I know what my mum is going to say though "its the damn paper.... no one should be using silly normal sketchbook paper... invest in better paper and your work will get better"!!!!!!!

and i will!!!!

In the meantime you guys check out all the links on this page if you'll enjoy sketching and art... while i keep sketching :)