Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wednesday Photo's - EyE BoMbing!!!!

This is just the most hilarious thing I have seen in years!!!! I can't wait to eye Bomb everything i see here on wards.... gotta get me some eyes!!!!

seen anything madder??? 

well if you want to just google or Pinterest Eye Bombing.....:)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Weddnesday Photos's - Inspiration Balloons!!!

Soooooo many colours!!!! I love balloons.... they have always always made me happy.... and its not just for a birthday or some kind of celebration... I think a balloon can cheer up anyone anytime any season.... :) 

And remember, you have to give a bunch of them.... check out these images and you'll know what I'm talking about!!!

Can anything make you happier???!!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Paper Love!!!

Being a crafty girl.... there are a few things that can make me into a six year old in a candy shop..... And topping that list is stationary and papers..... !!!!

All forms of color pens, pencils, crayons, paints....... but paper.... ah! paper is a whole other love story.....

In Bandra, on the way to the station is a little paper shop called virat... its part of the ever famous stationary shop (where my mum shopped in her college days and i shopped at in mine!!!). its the best place to get all sorts of handmade paper.... but unfortunately they don't have the printed kind.... the gift wrapping kind.... and those are my favorite!!!

But i'm always on the look out... and I end up buying sheets and sheets and place them under my bed!!!

One strange place to find pretty paper is the stationary shop next to Cheap Jack on hill road, not Something special the other guys....!!

And the other even more random is this school stationary store is jaipur where I found some of the most beautiful printed paper...

So on my pinterest I have a special board called papers! hope you like!!!

What an interesting color scheme don't you think?

This is more up my alley... So gonna try making this!!

Give me a couple of rolls like these and I'm all yours!!!


So pretty!!!!

Simple geometric shapes can be so gorgeous....

another bunch of rolls.... who's buying??!!

now these are just mad.... love them both... top and bottom!!!!

But my all time favorite absolute favorite paper is the ruled paper... the lined paper from our school notebooks..... love love love!!!

These are just a few check out my Pinterest page for more fun papers and let me know if you know any great paper shop :)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Finding Some Creativity.... again!!

Chronicles of a stay at home started as a complete DIY and wedding blog.... since then, some three years later, a lot has changed....

I'm still a stay at home... but now I'm a mum and the home has shifted.... cities have changed people in the home have changed, work has changed.... everything has changed.... I have a new blog now all about my little munchkin.... I made a new one because I wanted this part of my life.... the work related the creative one to be separate from my family my baby...

But in the process this poor blog is suffering...:(

I have tried desperatlry since my pregnancy to keep up the diy part of the blog... its been tough... actually going thru the steps of making things documenting the making, editing the images putting it up with the write up..... hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!


but I've realised that thats not all I am about... I'm still an extremely creative person who loves all things DIY who loves all things wedding and parties... and now that my hubby and I are getting back to the world of weddings... its not a bad idea for me to go thru some research time...

So i'm going to use the next few months or maybe just the next few posts to do some fantastic inspiring web surfing!!!!

and i'll make you guys a part of it...

so from weddings to clothes to parties and from homes to vacation spots.... everything to rekindle the designer in me I'm bringing here...

all images from here 

but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop my DIY antics... soon soon!!!!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Lust List 003

So recently Aadi and I were gifted the Mac Air.... Oh my freaking God!!!

Its the thinnest sexiest laptop in the world.... If there is one thing the apple guys know is to design....

Their design sense is just way to user friendly it is i'll only know when I use it!! The hubby has taken it back with him and I'll only get to use it in ten days.....

Initially I wasn't too happy with my Mum's mac... everything is just the opposite of  Microsoft right? And since we studied computers we were using the regular microsoft software we are just so used to it.... So the mac was just annoying!!!

But this trip I have used mum's laptop A LOt!! he he... and I've grown to like it... most people had told me that the more you use it the more addicted you get to apple products.... well to them I say... the design is so awesome I'll be addicted to them anyhow!!!

But before I ever got any apple product I was drooling on these that I found on Pinterest.... I don't know how real they are... but they are just products you have to have!!

 aren't they just super awesome!!!