Friday, 30 August 2013

TaBle LinEn!

Table linen is my favourite at weddings.... and, well, you all know my undying love for all things shimmery and glittery!! So put the two together and I'm in heaven!!

I mean seriously look at these table cloths and tell me that you don't want them at your wedding. Instant lift me ups are what they are.... Simple and effective.... two things I always appreciate!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday Photo - The Bubble Wrap Story

I don't think there is a single person on this massive planet of ours who doesn't like popping bubble wrap paper....!!!! 

(and if there is... you sir, are weird!!)

But seriously... since I was a kid any package or gift that came with bubble wrap, it was mine!! It really is the most stress relieving activity ever... more than sleeping, more than a cup of coffee, more than listening to music... more than anything... 

So this very nice italian street artist Biancoshock installed sheets of bubble wrap cut into squares and put labels on each telling a person how long it would take to pop that sheet!!! He placed these at a train station, so people who were waiting for a late train could bring out all their frustration onto those bubble wraps as opposed to each other!!

What a fantastic idea, don't you think?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

SOme MAd TiPs and TricKs!!

No matter how old you are, you're never to old to write secret messages!!!

Here are some easy to do recipes...!!

Friday, 23 August 2013

FirE WorKS!

While I love love love sunshiney pictures like this one:


Sometimes the light is just not on your side.... However these super smart photographers have come up with their own lighting involving fireworks....


Its really magical!


how pretty is this?


A great way to end the wedding!

I have been following this fantastic photographer called The Wedding Filmer for a while now. The brainchild of ad-filmmaker and producer Vishal Punjabi, the idea was born when he and few photographer friends shot candid footage at his own beautiful garden wedding last summer. As he edited the priceless, raw emotions they had so tastefully captured and converted it into a 2 part short film with a trailer thrown in, he was flooded with requests from friends and cousins to recreate the same magic for their weddings.

This is an image from his wedding... love what he has done with the fireworks....!!!

You can follow him on Facebook or Pinterest.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mompreneur - Ritu Gorai!

So for the first time, I plan on introducing you guys to someone I met online... someone like me... a new mom who has started her own little venture... a mompreneur!!

We met thru this amazing group on Facebook called the First Moms Club.

Meet Ritu Gorai from "Aapka Makaan Hamari Dukaan"!!

(and her super adorable baby girl Sara)

Like most of us, after Ritu had experienced the high of being a new mommy and now that her little one was grown up, and after all the pot lucks, the baking, the PTA meetings, the play dates, the mommy dates she needed something that was all hers. A new adventure that she could have!

AMHD is a unique, creative, quirky online portal that focuses on retail and corporate gifting and which offers an inspiring mix of traditional and contemporary handpicked life style products.

Here are a few things I asked Ritu about:

1. How does it feel to be a working mommy?

Common wisdom would have us believe that a mother gives birth to a baby. But I now know, as do all mothers…a baby first gives birth to a mother. “When a baby is born, so is a mother.”

Up until this moment, it was all about me! Everything I did was related to how things affected me, I was the center of my universe.

Then I had a baby. And the center of the universe clearly moved from me to my dumpling.

AMHD stemmed from the need to create a home and work balance, to be able to watch my baby Sara grow each day, and not miss a moment. She makes me, who I am today… a doting mother and an entrepreneur - Mompreneur.

I consider Mommyhood different; not difficult! It’s a huge change in life especially in your priorities. A working Mommy is a challenge especially in a nuclear family… it has its share of ups and downs, highs and lows.

2. What made you think of starting an online portal with arty stuff? Have you had any background in interiors or in art that made you more inclined towards it, or was it just a pull towards your creative side?

I do not have any formal training in interior design as such, however, I always had a huge interest in decorting homes. Home art is just my passion for fashion turned into a profession. I love artists who work from home and small garages on paper thin margins. Also one of my favourite pastime has always been window shopping at flea markets & exhibitions.

3. "Aapka Makaan Humari Dukaan" is a funky name….How did you come up with the name? Also how long have you had your shop?

This name was suggested to me by my older brother. Also, I didn’t believe in the cliché of having short brand names or a dot com web portal. I wanted something more personal and intimate. 

My online Dukaan is a Mompreneur initiative and is 3 weeks young!

4. How do you pick your brands and products? What about them catches your interest. How can someone who is interested in showcasing their works on your portal get in touch with you?

Visual appeal & value for money. I ask the question - "Will I buy it for my own personal use?" A lot goes into making any handmade product which requires a lot of patience & I truly appreciate that. Artists can connect with AMHD via email communication (

5. Which are your top five products and which are your favourite ones out of them?

Hand crafted shoes
Upcycled bags
Mini Temples
Door Mats
Wall Paintings

And all of them to be honest… I have most of them at my own home!

6. How did you come up with the gift an experience idea? It's a really cool concept!

Personally, I have always struggled to buy gifts every year for friends & family. Gifting an experience is different & something they will always remember and cherish.

7. Any product that you have used at your place? 

Yes the Noorjahan Tray lies with great pride on my coffee table.

8. What are the new products you are planning on launching in the near future?

There are many more home décor products that are coming up… I would also like to add F&B gourmet hampers & a Kids section which is a work in progress! 

The end!

While I am really looking forward to the kids section and the F&B hampers here are three things I loved at AMHD:

1. The shoes!! Such cute colorful shoes... what's not to love!

2. The Gift an experience concept... Such a good idea for the days when a candle set just wont cut it!

Gift a stay at Vivaana Culture Hotel

3. The Wellness category for all new mommies is a blessing!!! If we can't got out for that foot massage atleast we can do it our selves with these great body butters!!

The colourful posters and film prints are definitely worth a mention.

Saving the best for last are the prices... from all online portals I have been to, the price range at AMHD is super competitive!

You can get gifts starting at Rs 200 and going up to Rs 56000! Not bad huh?!!

So come one everyone... lets do our bit to encourage young mums who are starting out again... log on to today!

Well, thanks Ritu for sharing this super fun website with me... can't wait to get my hands on some of the stuff :)

Written for the Indiblogeshwaris Ladies Independence Special Contest in association with

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wednesday Photos: The Pom Pom Factory by Karen Hsu

I'm mad about Pom Poms... any size any color.... but in my wildest dreams I wouldn't have thought of using them like this.... so badly want to make giant pom poms and stick them in my umbrella!!!

This website Pom Pom Factory is heaven on earth for me... and Karen Hsu my Goddess!!! She is just magical with paper.... the flowers she creates the pompom quality ... its just... WOW!!! and so so inspiring..... :) 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tuesday Tips - Stationery love!

So a well stocked stationery cupboard is more important to me than a well stocked kitchen or a well stocked wardrobe....

And every time I get inspired to work, the one thing that bugs me most is if I don't have something, like glue or a particular colored sketch pen....

The other day I saw this desk on Pinterest:

And it fully inspired me to style my own desk.... with a list of things I feel are absolutely necessary to have...

What do you think????!! not bad huh?!!

Now I'll go thru each thing that I think is necessary on a work desk with you. Ready?

Color pencils... and you have to have every single colour!

So a few glasses or mugs with your paint brushes, writing pens, sketch pens (thick and thin), markers, pencils of varying hardness. 

The usual suspects- Scissors, erasers, cutters big and small, a double punch and a single punch (which I have found most helpful when i make my gift tags). All kinds of glue (here I only have my fevicol, but you need a glue stick and a heavy duty feviquick or glue gun)

All kinds of pretty punches.... the more the better!

A stapler and some pins and of course a ruler.... this also I would recommend getting steel and plastic, one a 6" one a 12" and one a 24". Steel is excellent for cutting paper. 

Some washi tape, Some duct tape, you would also need some regular transparent tape. 

Water colours, Acrylic paints, Water soluble color pencils, and a great quality sketch pen set.

All kinds of stickers. This too, the more variations the happier you will be!!

So I'm not sure if I love ribbons more or paper...its like asking me to choose between the hubby and my baby boy!!!! ahhhhh... impossible!!

Notebooks, Sketchbooks, diaries with lines, Diaries without lines, Diaries with both!!! basically and fundamentally any kind of book or diary is worth keeping.... I have about a bazillion (ok fine, around twenty two!!) of which I have hardly used like eight or nine!!!!

Now for the stuff I need for the days I'm inspired to stitch...

Glitter and sequins because they are just pretty!! (also read: pretty messy!!!)

But I love them too much to not have them!!

Felts, Cottons, Lace.... again... anything and everything. And remember for a DIY girl scraps are super precious.... These fabric scraps a friend of mine recently gave me because she had no use for them.... but for me they are heaven sent!!! Can't you just see the flowers and toys I can make out of them?!!

Can't do nothing without needle and thread... I have a kickass sewing machine... but I'm still learning how to use it really.... until then hand stitching is what works best for me!

I am mad about ribbons and wool.... I know you're thinking I'm mad about quite a few things no? well what can I say... I really am.... mad that is!!! ha ha ha!!

I can buy ribbons by the yards..... one type every color... then another kind every color.... its crazy!! it's an addiction... really there ought to be an AA club for us ribbon lovers!!!!

Lastly for every work desk a great laptop is a must.... and for me my beautiful mac book air is just a blessing!! 

Oh you think I'm showing off??

NOW i'm showing off!! I mean really, just look how thin.... oooooooh!!

So to round this up, for a well stocked stationery cupboard or your desk, you need:

1. Pencils, Sketch pens Markers Color pencils.
2. All kinds of glues
3. Scissors and Cutters
4. Erasers and sharpeners.
5. Punches all kinds
6. Staplers and Pins
7. All kinds of adhesive tapes
8. All kinds pf paints
9. A fun Sticker collection
10. Notebooks sketchbooks and diaries.
11. Glitter and sequins.
12. Fabrics
13. Needle and colorful threads
14. Ribbons, lace and wool.
15. A great laptop!

And you!

Ps: this post is linked onto one of my favorite bloggers weekly roundups... have a look for more fun stuff at Colours Dekor!

Friday, 16 August 2013

BAck DroPs!!

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the Photographs!

And for great photographs you need a great backdrop... hence the backdrop design is something that becomes a priority for every wedding stylist. Sometimes an entire wedding decor can even revolve around the backdrop. 

If you are using a natural backdrop or making one yourself,you'll need some ideas ... so here are some great inspirations!


This one is almost natural...The few bunches of flowers that have been added to the trees, really stand out and make for a pretty picture.


A great DIY backdrop....


Lights really do make for a rather dramatic backdrop!


Vey hip and cool....

All are really easy to do.... but what I love most it that even though each one is very different from the other , they are all so dramatic and eye catching.... real conversation starters....!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wednesday Photos- An ode to Glitter!!

There is truly nothing prettier than glitter.....

Shiny sparkly gorgeous glitter!!!

Twinkly shimmery heartwarming glitter....

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tuesday Tips- Inspiration boards...

One of the most important things you need when you're working from home is "Inspiration"

Its so difficult to come up with creative and interesting ideas everyday.... but an inspiration board or a mood board can really come handy.

It needn't be something fancy, just a simple cork board where you can pin up images you like that provoke your creative side, or maybe even painting a wall with chalkboard paint and sketching out your ideas as you come up with them....

You can also go thru magazines and cut out pages or print out ones you like on the internet.... add fabric swatches and paint chips to your board.... maybe even put up your own sketches, that will help you better your work everyday! 

Here are a few inspiration board ideas i fell in love with....

Simple but effective....

Love the LOVE!!

My favourite... so DIY!!!!

This was purely for the color... I think even Painting your space a bright happy color can inspire you...

Chalkboard.... ahhh!!! so much fun!

Again, so simple but creative...

Cheap, easy... ingenious!

So get cracking people.... bring out some fun inspiring things and put them up all around you so you get motivated to make and design mind blowing things!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wednesday Photo's - Crazy dresses!!!

MAd dresses like these I want!!!! 

Hell I can make these....!!

Pom Poms Plus pretty dresses.... easy peasy!!!

Friday Weddings: Svyatoslav and Alice!

One of my biggest ruses with Indian weddings is that they are too stuffy and formal.

I know in our own way we have fun and let loose, nowadays even more so, but somehow the whole ceremony and the ten functions we have are exhausting...especially for the bride and groom...

I wish we could have a more relaxed approach to such a great day... I mean after all its really a day to celebrate the couple... not harrow them!!!

Have a look at this amazing wedding I saw recently on one of my favorite websites : Style Me Pretty... they showcase some of the most fun bohemian weddings I have ever seen!!

This one took place in Moscow, Russia. My best friend stays in Russia, I still haven't had a chance to visit... but if it's this pretty... I'm definitely going next summer!!!

The couple, Svyatoslav and his pretty bride Alice, really look like they had a blast on their special day!!

And the photographer Max Koliberdin, oh my god.... he has captured everything so beautifully.... the relaxed state of mind, the sunshine, the space.... he just made it look like an even more magical day than it already was!!

The color scheme for the day was Blue Orange and Rose..... a great combination for a day wedding.... what I absolutely loved (well one of the million things!!!) was the banner design they used on almost everything. 

I am a super fan of DIY things as you know... so these adorable banners just made my day!

Tell me you don't just love love love the seating?!!!

Details are what really make for a great overall decor..... 

imagine it.... chilling on the grass, a friend playing his guitar, someone singing, wine flowing, beautiful sunshine streaming through trees..... ahhhhh!!! perfect!

 the trees, the flowers, his flower pin and the wreath on her hair, love how everything is complimenting each other in these pictures..... and the colours.... so pretty!!

Having fun at your wedding is something I can't stop stressing on.... its very very important to look back on your day and not only remember how tired you were, how your feet ached, how you had to smile at random guests, remember the smile on your husband's face when he saw you, or the private joke you'll cracked on your friends ... remember the fun!!

On that note.... if you think this is the kind of personal romantic bohemian wedding you would like to have let me know :)


Photography: Max koliberdin

Floral Design: flowersbazar

Event Design and Planning: A special day

Venue: The Country-House Museum 

Dress: Papilio

Do check out the SMP page for more images :)