Saturday, 24 November 2012

10 Things I loved about this November!!

1. Diwali.... no doubt my favorite.... the love affair starts a few days before itself with all the cooking and putting up of lights!!

2. Chilly mornings....... hmmmm!!!!! missed the hubby even more though :(

3. Cooked after almost 10 months...... loved it.... want my own kitchen... oven... fridge.... fancy knives......

4. Spending time with mommy and brother..... feels like pre marriage times ha ha ha!!!!

5. Watched a movie like Argo.... super awesome.....

6. Got to have mum's fried fish and fish curry and undhiya..... ohhhhhh yummy!!!!!!

7. Eating at Sammy Sosa..... can't wait to go again.

8. Getting back to the blog..... and being crafty again!!!

9. Dropped my phone.... enjoyed the peace for two days.... but was overjoyed the day it started ( six days later!!!!)

10. Looking forward to the Life of Pi..... well mainly Richard Parker.... yup.... that should make this month all worth while!!!!!

................................................................................Looking forward to December!!!!!!!!

Friday, 16 November 2012


My strength, My support,
My sense of humor, My sense of reality,
My happiness, My darkness,
My life line, My reason for being,
My past, My present, My future,
My smiles, My baggage,
My warmth, My comfort,
My secret, My storyteller,
For now
For ever,

Friday, 9 November 2012

Happy Diwali!!!

I remember my brother saying “I can smell Diwali” a few weeks before Diwali.

And I always wondered how?!!!!

Now I know he meant that he could smell the onset of winter….. there really is this feeling in the air every morning and evening….. you just know….. you know Diwali is coming!!!!!

As kids of course Diwali is all about the new clothes the endless boxes of mithais and the bags full of fire crackers…..

But now Diwali is so so different for me! The morning breakfast is the most important for me…. Being with family is super important….. then the lights and diyas…. And as little fire crackers as possible!!!

And somehow every Diwali is one of reminiscing!  I don’t know why I get all sentimental during this festival but I do!!!!

SO this year I’ve just made a little board of all the things I love about Diwali!

What do you like about diwali?? let me know....

In the meantime for more diwali inspirations and  love check out some of my favorite blogs as well!!!

From the beautiful Rang Decor: Love the way she has mixed fresh flowers and clay diyas!

From Once Upon A Tea Time: Love the collection of items she has this diwali!

From The KEy Bunch: Some great ideas!!!!

And one of my all time favorite Colours Dekor: Love her Diwali decoration tips!!!!

And here's a link to my own diwali post last year..... still seem to miss the same things today as i did then!!!

These diya stands are from Tresorie at Infinity Mall Versova Link road. They are simply stunning!!!

Happy Diwali people!!!! 

Eat lots! 
Play lots! 
Love lots!!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lust List 002!

Sometimes a lust list isn't just things you can buy..... its just things you fall in love with..... this week I have a love affair with all things gray and purple.....

I find these colors super romantic and beautiful..... and very calming!

It all started with these super pretty flowers...... its heartbreaking that you'll never see these colors on these flowers in India :(

love this beautiful door...... wonder where it goes?!!!

One of my own "inspired" pieces!!!!

So cozy....... if i ever get into this bed I'm never getting out!!!

Taking romantic to a whole other level!!!! super pretty!!!!!

I want I want I want!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 5 November 2012

DIY Mini Book!

So I finally decided to make the mini book first….. the tougher version!!!

Please to remember people, that I do this to increase my patience levels…. So if you find that the final product is not as neat… well you know why!!!! Even the photography…. I would just like to say that my HTC Google Nexus camera is doing the best it can but my shaky arms fail it once it a way!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!

But over and above everything, I HAVE FUN!!! And that matters most, don’t you think?!

SO lets start…..

Getting all the materials together is number one. Make a list before you start, because I guarantee you getting up from your work station is really annoying. 

Now I have done this tutorial a little different from my previous ones, I have actually worked it all out on Photoshop to get the images and directions together. It was a lot more hard work than my usual method, hope you guys like it!!! 


The following is the binding process. I made three markings and used them, you could make four or even two depending on the size of your page. 


BS and FS before your minds wander simply stands for Back Side and Front Side!!!!!!  Its just to clear any confusion…. I think I was just so confused while making it and during the photoshopping!!

(ps: click on image to make bigger)

I know my book covering isn’t too neat, the edges of the mountboard can be seen…. But well, you live and you learn…..


The whole process including the half hour fevicol drying time took about, two hours…. Since everything is so small you have to be extra patient and calm.


Will I make another??? Hell yeah!!!!