Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tuesday Tips - Stationery love!

So a well stocked stationery cupboard is more important to me than a well stocked kitchen or a well stocked wardrobe....

And every time I get inspired to work, the one thing that bugs me most is if I don't have something, like glue or a particular colored sketch pen....

The other day I saw this desk on Pinterest:

And it fully inspired me to style my own desk.... with a list of things I feel are absolutely necessary to have...

What do you think????!! not bad huh?!!

Now I'll go thru each thing that I think is necessary on a work desk with you. Ready?

Color pencils... and you have to have every single colour!

So a few glasses or mugs with your paint brushes, writing pens, sketch pens (thick and thin), markers, pencils of varying hardness. 

The usual suspects- Scissors, erasers, cutters big and small, a double punch and a single punch (which I have found most helpful when i make my gift tags). All kinds of glue (here I only have my fevicol, but you need a glue stick and a heavy duty feviquick or glue gun)

All kinds of pretty punches.... the more the better!

A stapler and some pins and of course a ruler.... this also I would recommend getting steel and plastic, one a 6" one a 12" and one a 24". Steel is excellent for cutting paper. 

Some washi tape, Some duct tape, you would also need some regular transparent tape. 

Water colours, Acrylic paints, Water soluble color pencils, and a great quality sketch pen set.

All kinds of stickers. This too, the more variations the happier you will be!!

So I'm not sure if I love ribbons more or paper...its like asking me to choose between the hubby and my baby boy!!!! ahhhhh... impossible!!

Notebooks, Sketchbooks, diaries with lines, Diaries without lines, Diaries with both!!! basically and fundamentally any kind of book or diary is worth keeping.... I have about a bazillion (ok fine, around twenty two!!) of which I have hardly used like eight or nine!!!!

Now for the stuff I need for the days I'm inspired to stitch...

Glitter and sequins because they are just pretty!! (also read: pretty messy!!!)

But I love them too much to not have them!!

Felts, Cottons, Lace.... again... anything and everything. And remember for a DIY girl scraps are super precious.... These fabric scraps a friend of mine recently gave me because she had no use for them.... but for me they are heaven sent!!! Can't you just see the flowers and toys I can make out of them?!!

Can't do nothing without needle and thread... I have a kickass sewing machine... but I'm still learning how to use it really.... until then hand stitching is what works best for me!

I am mad about ribbons and wool.... I know you're thinking I'm mad about quite a few things no? well what can I say... I really am.... mad that is!!! ha ha ha!!

I can buy ribbons by the yards..... one type every color... then another kind every color.... its crazy!! it's an addiction... really there ought to be an AA club for us ribbon lovers!!!!

Lastly for every work desk a great laptop is a must.... and for me my beautiful mac book air is just a blessing!! 

Oh you think I'm showing off??

NOW i'm showing off!! I mean really, just look how thin.... oooooooh!!

So to round this up, for a well stocked stationery cupboard or your desk, you need:

1. Pencils, Sketch pens Markers Color pencils.
2. All kinds of glues
3. Scissors and Cutters
4. Erasers and sharpeners.
5. Punches all kinds
6. Staplers and Pins
7. All kinds of adhesive tapes
8. All kinds pf paints
9. A fun Sticker collection
10. Notebooks sketchbooks and diaries.
11. Glitter and sequins.
12. Fabrics
13. Needle and colorful threads
14. Ribbons, lace and wool.
15. A great laptop!

And you!

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  1. Although the pics look gorgeous.. gorgeous.. the clutter would drive me mad i think.. I'd like everything to be in boxes... in cabinets.. and in little.. spaces of their own.. rather than my desk.. But thats just this OCD person in me.. :)
    Thank you for linking into Colours Dekor last week.. :)

    1. Ha ha I can totally understand!! in fact I have most of my stuff in boxes as well!! this was purely for the post!!!!

      I love linking to your super colorful blog!!!