Friday, 29 July 2011

The Funnies!!!

So finally the monsoon's hit me.... a cold a cough and a cold!!!!!!!! I really think the cold is the worst.... sniffling into a napkin can make anyone feel ughhh!!! 
So i found something on my phone to cheer me up....

Indian Truck backs!!! for some reason Indian truck drivers write the funniest things on the back of their trucks! The english is awful... the poetry or "Shayari" as we call it is so so bad that its great!!! 

And I always make it a point to click pictures of them... Hope u find them as funny!!!

Malik ki gaadi driver ka paseena chalti hain road par bankar haseena!!!!

Dum hain to pass kar varna bardasht kar!!
has mat pagli varna pyaar ho jayega!!

Use Deeper at night!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

and in finer print: buri nazar vale tera muh kala (and) ladki patthi hai patane vala chahiye gaadi chalti hain chalane vala chahiye!!!!

And this final one was on a construction site... it was just too funny!!

This is what the sign says:

If you don't tie the strap, you will lie in the scrap!!!!

Oh my god... i feel much better already!!! he ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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