Wednesday 17 August 2011

Wednesday Photos!

Its really been a while!!!!

I have pulled thru my birthday weekend into a birthday week... and i'm still trying to stretch it into a birthday month!!!!!

but apart from that i have just been extremely uninspired to post a blog.... haven't felt like creating painting making nothing.... its not a good feeling... makes me all confused and lost and directionless....

So for some inspiration for my wednesday photos, i decided to feel some love.... I think nothing inspires you like a warm hug and a body shivering kiss!! So i spent the last ten days stuck to my husband! and we did all sorts of lovely romantic things... coffees and and curling in bed in the middle of the afternoon... planning and actually getting my first ever tattoo... fixing his dreads... movies.... just wanted it to be me myself and the husband!!!

So here are a few images... no not of us!! but images that just inspire "love"!!

What i love most about these few pictures is that they just go to show you how many variations of love there are.... 

The quirky love!

The young love!

The we are together love!

The where ever the road may take us love

The i cant get enough of you love!

The you make me feel tall love!

The fairy tale love!

The sunshine love!

The next three are my favorite kind.... because for me they represent a friendship love which i think is really the best. I strongly believe the lust the passion the "love" could phase out after a few years... but if you start off your relationship based on friendship and fun and being relaxed with each other... you can get thru anything!

So to the best, to the friendship love!!!

Well i feel inspired already!!! with love on my side... i think i can take on anything!!!! 

All images are from my pinterest board "love"!

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  1. :) :) ;) :) :) :) :) :) ;) :) :) :) :) :) ;) :) :)

    Love you too baby!!!

    connect so much to the, 'young love'

    'I cant get enough of you'

    'you make me feel tall'