Thursday, 25 August 2011

Walking home now.....

When is started this blog, it was all about finding myself, finding what it is I was meant to do. After all everyone is here to do "something" right? And everyone spends at least a few months or years trying to figure it out.... in the mean while you do all the other things that come your way...

So what do you do when you figure out what you are meant to do? You do it of course...!! But if you still don't make that cross over... what does that say of you?

Weddings is it. One way or another... and everyone who knows me tells me they really see me doing it rather well infact... but I have still not taken that step. Why? I am not sure.... I suppose sometime you fear the consequences... of finally doing what you want to do... what you were here to do. I mean yes, if i am supposed to be a wedding planner... i will be... but what if i'm not a good one? What if... i start up and no one comes to me to get their wedding done...? What if.... i put myself out there only to come cowering back?! I mean today I can easily say "I can be a great planner a great stylist, I just haven't been given the opportunity" but what about if i were to be given an opportunity? Would i be a great planner?

Hmmmm....  I suppose you can only know if you actually take the plunge.... So here I am ready to take that plunge.... starting today, right now, I am going to get serious about first of getting a job... to help me get into the groove of planning weddings. And then tomorrow, or well at least 2 years later, I'll take it on on my own.

And if the challenge is supposed to be even tougher, and i don't get a job, why then I'll just shout out to everyone I know to pass the word around, that Alishka is here and she is going to plan your wedding just the way you want it!!!!

This was a poem i wrote a few years ago when i was in a similar state of confusion... and it really helped me get my feeling out there....

Hope it helps again!

Walking home now, after all those years…
Getting lost on the way,
Finding God on the way,
Earning respect on the way,
Knowing love on the way,
Loosing hope on the way,
Learning about faith on the way,
Loosing myself on the way,
Missing the point on the way,
Bearing the storms on the way,
Fighting my wars on the way,
Finding friends on the way,
Fighting enemies on the way,
Believing on the way,
Smiling all the way….
All the way home…..

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