Wednesday 31 August 2011

Inspired weekend!!!

Sunshine has finally beat the rains!!!!

i never knew how much i loved the sun till it came out after five days of absolute gloomy days!!! but to be quite honest.... these last few "rainy" days have strangely brought about a very creative side of me.... I don't know if it was because i couldn't leave the house so i had to do something at home to keep me sane.... yes yes for all the people who know me, I'll bet you'll are thinking that i am home everyday anyways so whats so different about it this time...?!!!

So its like this.... when you know you can get out you don't feel trapped and you don't do anything about it... right....? but when you look out your window and see a mini storm taking place, you make sure you do something or your whole day is going to seem like a waste!!!

I started off with some tissue paper flowers..... apparently kite paper and tissue paper is the same but when you actually buy some international quality tissue paper you'll barf at the homemade kite paper!!!! ha ha ha!!!

Once i had made two flowers in every color i had, I took to painting..... one then another then another!!!! different mediums, different textures... but all so so pretty!!!!!

Once i put down the paint brush i pulled out all things crafty.... my fabrics and papers and ribbons and pearls and fevicol (how i love my fevicol!!!!) and sooooo many buttons!!! So what i made was from this inspired envelope book i found on.... you guessed it... pinterest!! I made my version of it for like a wedding or like a birthday gift where each envelope holds a small gift to be opened each day leading up to the birthday!!

Then i slept!!!

Ha ha!!!

Well i know you'll want to see all of this but unfortunately I'm on my Mum's mac.... so all images will be uploaded super soon!!! tonight hopefully!!!

Till then you can get a sneak peak on my facebook page....

Come back for more!!!!

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