Thursday 4 August 2011

Real Weddings..... My Weddings Part One!

I had planned Fridays to be a real weddings day. Where i find some of the best weddings online or of friends and put them up. And I was online for hours but nothing jumped at me for that First blog of Real weddings.

I wanted an Indian wedding, that i was sure of. But most of the Indian weddings i found online were either in the US or the UK. I wanted it more Indian, right here in India!

I also wanted a very personal wedding. Something done by hand, where every little thing was made and planned by the bride and groom.

I also wanted the wedding to have a very vintage, very royal feel to it....

So finally, I decided on my own wedding!!

It took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan (can't get more Indian than that!!). It was completely designed and planned by me! with lots of my Mum's help. And i have given a beautiful vintage feel to all the images!!!

We started off by designing and hand making the invites. My Mum's an artist, and my favorite of her works is her lotus motif. From day one i knew that that is what i wanted on my card. And of course her calligraphy with which she wrote my and the husbands name.


Since we had three major occasions we designed three leaflets, also hand drawn then printed, by Mum. We picked really fun bright colors as we didn't want to use any traditional red and gold for the wedding. Everything had to be super colorful and fun!! 

She even wrote little notes, more like poems for each occasion. I'll post those soon!


We tied a little RSVP note and a personal note to each friend and family and wrapped the card with it. 

Then off to Jaipur it was! I went about four days prior to the date of the wedding to finish all the last minute detailing with the wedding decorater. everything was planned by Mum and me and just put into place by them. But once the festivities started i completely backed off from the planning and just sat back and enjoyed my wedding!!!

So it started with my mehendi on the first day. 

Isn't that just gorgeous!!! I love it!

This is during the Ganesh Puja. That's a ceremony we have before you start anything new. 

The Haldi Ceremony. Where all the women of the house apply a paste of turmeric on the brides feet, hands and face to make her glow during her wedding!!! It was such fun. That's my cousin sister, we are just 12 days apart in age. Since we were kids our mothers would dress us up in similar clothes and we just continued that tradition!!!!

Four generations!!! Starts off with my mum's mum on the left, then me, then my dad's mum, then my mum.

Am i glowing yet??!!!!!

This was the Sangeet/Cocktail night! My favorite outfit ever!!!! And even the husband looked dashing don't you think!!!! I love how he added the green necklace to match my outfit!!

The Bridal party full of all the people who mean the world to me!!!!

The crazy dancing lasted all night!!! My brother in law in the black was the star of the night!!

The panels with lotuses in the back are painted by Mommy dearest as well as the panel on the right, she wrote the poem that my husband had once written for me. 

Hope you enjoyed the first series of my wedding! coming up are two wedding ceremonies! 

Photogrpaher: Anwesha Mandal
Venue: Mehendi, Haldi and Ganesh Puja at Chirmi Palace, Jaipur
           Sangeet at Heavens Garden Jaipur
Catering: Local caterers
Decoraters: Harshwardhan
Design and styling of wedding: Me and Mum!
Invites: Mum!

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