Tuesday 2 August 2011

Wednesday Photos

So i went thru my blog the other day and realized that its super erratic!!! Diy's and random notes about things.... so I have decided I'm going to be a bit more organised!!! Me organised... lets see how long that lasts!!!

So starting today every Wednesday I'm going to put up one great photograph. Something i found madly exciting or just so damn pretty i had to share it!

This picture is just one of the happiest pictures i have ever seen.... unfortunately i don't have the link from where it came... but i found it on the ever fun Pinterest.

Now isn't everything about this just so fun?!! the colors, the set up, the lighting.... makes me want to just jump with joy!!! or maybe fly away!! like in UP... the film... 

Whats even more special about this picture is that i love the way they shot it... the old architecture in the background with her vintage lace dress contrasted with fun colored balloons.... The fact that you can't see her expression but you just know she's grinning from ear to ear.... 

I want to feel like this... light and weightless... :)

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