Wednesday 20 July 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

I just had to ad to join in the Wedding Wednesday that's been going around!! So here is a quick post of great ideas for guests to leave their wishes for a couple.

The wish tree i believe has become one of the most used and most boring ideas ever!!

Even when blinged....

So i hunted online for some really unique ideas!

Type writers at the wedding! I love this idea!

This may be time consuming to make... but what a wonderful keepsake!

The ultimate wedding scrapbook!

Wash your dirty laundry in public!!!

Get some wishes and a reminder to every guests birthday!! I need this!

Adds as a decor element as well!

Love the letter box!

Jigsaw puzzle wishes!

So the next time you're in charge of planning the the guest wishes part of a wedding... use one of these super fun ideas!!!

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