Wednesday 6 July 2011

The Sabyasachi Bride....

As you know I'm sucker for anything weddings.... almost 99% of my internet viewing is about weddings.... decor, lights, invitations, more decor, more lights, the cutlery, the flowers, the banners, the chairs, the tables, just about everything... but i have to, have to admit that that one thing I am totally clueless about when it comes to weddings is: Clothes!!!!

I mean we have like a hundred different types of saree in our country....each state ... more like each little town wants to have its own one-of-a-kind saree that a bride just "must" have in her trousseau!

Bandhani, Patola, Gurjrati Brocade, Embroidered tinsel sarees, Paithani, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Gadwal, Banares Brocade, Kota Doria, Jamawars, Tanchois, Kanjeevaram, Konrad, Bavanjipets, Nayayanpets and Baluchari sarees!!!!!!

I bet a few of these sound alien to you too!!! for more information on this just visit THIS or THIS link. Its a great place for a quick up to date on our sarees!! The second link even has images so its easier to understand. 

And if that wasn't enough the types of works on a saree or lehenga or dupatta is even more confusing!!

Chikankari, Zari, Zardozi, Phulkari, Kantha, Gota!!!! there are many many more I'm sure but I'm lost right now!! THIS and THIS link for a quick update.

For me its very very simple to get out of this crazy confusion of fabrics (oh i didn't even mention the lists and lists of fabrics!!!) and sarees and embroideries..... get a Sabyasachi!!! and you get it all!!!

I'm super super partial to this designer. I think he creates his pieces to be like heirlooms.... forever!

His color palette and style and elegance is seriously timeless. 

This just reads stunning and elegant and royal to me! exactly how i would like to feel at my wedding! The fabrics look so rich and pure and the colors just make me feel so dreamy! This would so be for my saath phera!

Really... now how pretty is this?  Perfect for the sangeet!

I like how young his colors are in this one and yet he is captured this regal quality.. I would totally wear this for the mehendi!

This is just my favorite. Its so classic and yet that dash of color in the dupatta and the maang tikka make this so hip! This would have been my reception look!

And these for me are the perfect trousseau! Fun bright colors and yet each piece is so elegant and gorgeous! 

So you see for me its easy.... just pick a Sabyasachi for all occasions and simplify your life!! 

Infact during my wedding shopping i remember i was searching for my wedding outfit, and you know how these shopkeepers try to sell you stuff by saying "this is a Manish Malothra remake" and "this is a Ritu Kumar remake" so the instant he said to me " this is a Sabyasachi remake" i had to try it on!!! and it may not be a Sabyasachi and all die hard fans (myself included) will scoff at my saree for even thinking it could remotely be a remake (!!!!) but it was still just so pretty i bought it!!!!

Now isn't this pretty??!!!!

So each fold has a different kind of embroidery (still don't know which kinds!!!) which i love. 

My mum helped design the border... the green folded detail is what she added that i feel really makes the saree come alive.

These are just a few of my jewelry pieces that i added to the saree. The necklace is a gift from my nani (maternal Grandma), the Mundawali (a string of pearls worn on the forehead) from my aai (paternal Grandma), robbed my mothers nosering and earrings and added a rajasthani maang tikka since i got married in jaipur!!!

This is an article in the Vogue i found the link on this fabulous wedding blog called Marigolds and Mithai , it really sums up what i think of a Sabyasachi bride!

I'm not sure if i looked like a Sabyasachi bride or not... but i think i did alright!!!!

You must check out Sabyasachi's website... its as quirky and pretty as his clothes are!!!


  1. such an awesome post!!!! and you are a true sabya bride!

  2. you looked so pretty!

  3. You look amazing! I live in the US so it's been hard finding knock offs of these big designers especially Sabyasachi!

    1. Hey Nina... thanks so much!!! I'm sure its tough in the states but then it gives you a chance to come for a shopping holiday in India sometime!!!!

  4. Hi spoiltleo13 and Nina

    Spoiltleo13, my goodness, you looked like a true Sabyasachi goddess on your wedding day. Congratulations!

    Well, since Nina asked and you're a fan of Sabyasachi, as well. I thought I should share my story with you girls.

    I live in the USA, as well and wanted a Sabyasachi knock off for my cousin’s wedding in March. Asked my cousin in delhi to check out all the stores in Delhi, Gurgaon and Agra, but her efforts were of no avail. I rejected ALL the pictures she sent to me. But, fortunately, I recently found this online boutique called ‘Zarbaft’ on Facebook which seemed pretty good to me. They replicate designer stuff. Sabyasachi sarees, lehengas and other stuff. I was obviously very apprehensive at first in having my expensive dress made from a picture and they’re fairly new in the online business, as well. But after I exchanged a few emails with the team, I knew I wanted a Sabyasachi replica from them. The service was amazing. They would let me choose the color, print and almost everything. Though I live in New Jersey and they are based in India, I found the process easy and the team provided the reassurance I needed to purchase my dress(oh yeah, it was not a wedding dress. But, I didn’t want to just throw my $1250 in the bin). I finally decided it was worth the risk and I literally HAD to trust them. Yet, I was nervous. I wanted a perfect, Sabya looking lehenga not some kind of cheaply made copy – and I was pleasantly surprised! The moment I opened my box (they pack the dress SO beautifully, it’s incredible), I ALMOST cried out of joy. I was screaming and dancing with my lehenga box in my hands lol. The fabric quality, the embroidery, it totally was to die for (we ended up buying 2 sarees for the bride, as well. lol). Take my word for it, fellow fashionable brides, you will not be sorry.

    I highly recommend them for their patience, fair prices, and easy customization. I’ll try to add their link. If the link doesn’t work. Go to ‘ZARBAFT’ on facebook.

    Conclusion: If I could give them a million stars it would be well earned! If you’re in the search for a replica lehenga/saree (they have a pretty decent collection of Ghararas, as well) talk to ‘Zarbaft’!

    Hope I helped!

    1. HEy thanks for the link... hope it helps other brides looking for a dream wedding dress :)

    2. hey! I'm looking for some sabyasachi lehengas for my big day too. can u tell me how much did u get the replica for??

    3. hey! i'm also looking for some sabyasachi style lehengas for my big day. could u tell me the price of the replica you got?

    4. Hey amandeep, i got mine from this store i bombay called aishwarya for i think around 25 to 30,000.

  5. Pretty You! Watching this with my brother, he believes you beat the Sabyasachi brides. Stay Blessed :)

  6. Try Taraana for replica'll be stunned!!

  7. hey could you share where your sabya look alike saree was purchased from ??

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