Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bombay hurt again....

I'm back.....

Love being in Bombay... don't like being greeted with a bomb blast.... got off my flight and that's the first thing i saw on the news at the airport... made my stomach sick. and the only thought that went thru my head was  "Again?"

and again and again... its ridiculous its become a joke really.... more like just something that happens. Its not as shocking as it used to be. I overhead a guy on the bus at the airport who had just got the news. and he was so relaxed " Anyone we know got hurt? No? ok you get home I'll see you there" that's it. so long as our loved ones our people are ok its ok. So long as its happened far away from our homes we are ok.

what makes it ok? the regularity of it or the selfishness of it? I'm not sure... but i am a part of the people who says its ok. and i don't like that. because it's not ok.

Wish i have the strength to stand up to it being not ok.

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