Saturday 30 July 2011

The Bridal Emergency Kit!

Now as far as weddings go.... this post is probably the most important one....I learnt this from experience.

So at my wedding when my husband (sweet innocent thing that he is) put my sindoor a little too generously  it fell on my nose! Now for those who don't know, Sindoor is a red powder,traditionally applied at the beginning or completely along the parting-line of a woman’s hair (also called mang) or as a dot on the forehead. This is the sign of a married women in India. 

Ok ok i admit maybe i told him to drop a little on my nose, the key word here being "little"! See according to some funny tradition if a "little" sindoor drops on the nose its a sign of your mother in law loving you!!!

So yes my mother in law loves me... but in all my post wedding pictures i look like rudolf the reindeer. 

So to avoid a disaster like this one i strongly recommend the Brides Survival Kit.

Now it will seem like the most obvious list of things. But trust me in all the chaos you will forget something. So before hand make out your list. Give it to a close friend who will ensure it is with her all the time, provided of course she is with you all the time!!!

This is my list, its simple but has all the effective things. 

1. Hair pins
2. Safety pins
3. Extra earring backs (most painful thing to loose on d day)
4. Hair comb, brush
5. Hair styling product (remove some mousse in a small bottle)
6. Hand sanitizer, tissues and wet wipes
7. Perfume (find a travel sized bottle of your favorite scent)
8. Scissors and tweezers.
9. Nail file (so so important!!!)
10. Nail Paint (for touch ups)
11. Blush,kajaal, lipstick, gloss and a moisturizer.(would have helped me with the nose situation!) 
12. Small mirror
13. Some cash in a small coin purse.
14. Straws (you'll thank me!!)
15. Breath Mint (you'll really thank me!!!) Carry a small dental floss case as well!
16. Pain medicine and Band aids. (in case you get a last minute headache)
17. Water bottle (a really small one for absolute emergency)
18. Lens case and solution if you wear lenses. (an extra set of lenses as well)
19. Energy drink and/or Energy bars. 
20. A small sewing kit.
22. Dark chocolate. (trust me its an instant mood up lifter!)

Also make sure these things are close by:
1. Two extra pair of shoes. One, a nice dressy pair in case your wedding shoe breaks and the other a very comfortable pair in case your wedding shoe gives you a shoe bite and you can't wear the fancy seconds. 
2. Tampoons and/or Sanitary napkins (just in case)
3. Cello tape or Scotch tape (again for your shoes)
4. A sheet with phone number of key family member from both sides, friend's numbers, hotel and venue numbers, all vendor contact information. 

Yes the list seems long, but just knowing that all these things are a hands reach away will make you feel more secure. 

Place it all (or most of it!!!) in a cute purse, match it to your girlfriends dress if you have to. 


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