Thursday 21 July 2011

Blog Around The World!

I have just been on the most fantastic journey ever! From New Zealand to the UK the US, Portugal and finally South Africa..... its been amazing!!! I can't believe i still haven't been to South Africa... well this journey will surely make me go!!

And to have  a wedding there.... wow... that's just like a cherry topping on it! Considering my love for Lions and Tigers and Elephants... i wont need any guests!!! they can be my guests :) and what a fun party we'd have... ha ha ha!!!

The wedding blog community out there is so strong and so creative it amazes me... the power of the internet will never cease to surprise me!! I just loved how all the bloggers have taken time out from their regular blogs to come up with something so unique and inspiring.  Well i have Alicia from "The Charity Wedding" to thank for this:

From Alicia-
Hello Lovelies! I am Alicia from The Charity Wedding and I am excited to present another round of Blog Around the World with some of my favorite wedding bloggers! I recently helped organized a styled shoot using the theme of a Vintage Desert Safari. Each blogger will be showcasing a photo from the shoot and sharing some tips, advice, or just some pretty-eye candy for you to enjoy! Be sure to visit all the blogs to make sure you catch all the goodness! Thanks so much to all of the participants!
So what i did was i went to each blog first to read all the lovely inspirations and tips, then i went again and got together all the images each blogger shared and put them together!

Hope you guys enjoy this!

Starting with Bubble Rock Studios (New Zealand)

Cap Classique (UK, South Africa)

my favorites! The Unreal Bride (India)

Brancoprata (Portugal)

 And all this to send out such a thoughtful message "To look after these beautiful creatures!"

A round of applause for all the vendors who made this shoot possible:

Love these styled shoots... they are always so inspiring!!!!

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  1. I loved the way u started off the copy for this blog. 'The journey across weddings all over the world'

    Good one!!!