Monday 18 July 2011

My Jaipur!

Jaipur.... is home! A place where there is family there is food and shopping and sleeping and more food!! I love going there on a vacation the stark contrast from Bombay is very comforting somehow.

This trip was minus the husband, so i had a great bonding time with the family. i went shopping......

(So i first bought the bangles.... they are sooooo preetttyy!!!!!!! i just fell in love with the colors. And i always buy glass bangles they just seem more authentic!)

(then i went looking for the fabrics.... aren't these fun?? Ok maybe the pictures aren't great but i'll mail the final images once they are ready!)

.....learnt new recipes......

(That my friends is a mango cream pudding which is to die for!!! It was so delicious i almost forgot to take a picture!!!)

.......went on a picnic to an uncles village. Yup he owns the whole village!! its crazy! but it was a really fun experience since it was pouring on our way there, it made for a very green beautiful drive. I was in a car full of women discussing their homes and maids and the everyday stresses and how they find their happiness thru it all :) Once there we saw as many as six peacocks that surrounded our terrace. this is didn't know but experienced myself: Peacocks are Super NOISY!!! really they just kept calling out to each other all thru our picnic... one always thinks of peacocks as these beautiful elegant creatures... well add noisy attention seekers to the list!!!

(The sunset out there is very different  from here. Its quieter, more peaceful and all you can hear if at all are birds chirping. For miles and miles all you see is greenery and small huts. Its breathtaking really!)

(The local women were so sweet! They wanted to teach me how to make rotis on their stone ware gas stoves! But the meat is cooked by the men. One man inparticular who has been cooking for my uncle for years. And he has been using the same utensil all these years because he believes he is connected to him and only if he cooks in it can he make the food he makes. I believe him, because the food he makes Cannot be made without some kind of divine intervention!! Its unreal how good it is!!!!)

My favorite person there is Brando our dog... he is a baby german shepherd, only about a year. And he sleeps all day long in the funniest positions!!

legs up!

hands up!

now turn around!

......this actually is a very comfortable position to sleep in!!!!

......after breaking the water pipe and creating a mini flood in the back yard!!!

......he was forgiven!!!

Isn't he just adorable!! i love him!!

Jaipur is the place I'm most "Indian"!!!!

Me getting into Jaipur spirit....

.....trying to find a balance between Jaipur and me!!!!!!

Ha ha... so while being in Jaipur took away from any new creations for the blog... it sure gave me some fun memories!!!