Monday 6 June 2011

Shakti the Feminine Power....

My mum has the most amazing collection of books.... and i love reading (robbing) them!

Classics religious spiritual poetry.... Indian writers british writers american writers all kinds.... its like a mini library for me! So every other week i browse thru them and pick one that i connect to at that time.

Recently, and owing to my new found weight, i picked up this book: Shakti the Feminine Power of Yoga.

The cover itself fascinated me. those lines of her body the strength in her legs in her shoulders in her fingers.... superb! And what made this even better was that all the photographs were black and white... I don't think any picture can be as powerful as a black and white image. 

In the foreward well known yogini and teacher, Shiva Rea, writes," Victoria's images celebrate Shakti through the yogini....Here you see the many aspects of the feminine force - strong as a live oak, fluid as the sea, soft and still as the fertile earth, changing like the moon - sister, daughter, mother, lover, leader, dancer." beautiful!

Now i had this mad urge to sketch! and sketch i did..... I picked three yoga asanas where i found the most strength and the most calmness and did those...


I just realized mine was a mirror image... funny how that happened?!


Couldn't get the curly hair... but i still love it!


After doing the initial sketch i just felt i needed to add my own touch... something that was me. And so the flowers.... the abstract art around the figures... for me it was like the energy flowing out of them, around them... Just felt incomplete without it... what do you think?

by the way... the new found weight ... its still there!!! this yoga book only and only helped in making me more confident about my sketching!!! ha ha!!!

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