Tuesday 7 June 2011

Paper Lanterns Re-invented!

So i started out with designing a tutorial for this :

And ended up with this: (!!!!!)

Somehow every time i start with something i just end up making something new and different!!! this was really really fun... and it got added to the earlier pom pom set i had made.

So this is how this beautiful lantern came into being!

I had seen these fabric pom poms and even made one (will upload that soon). But since i was working with crepe paper i decided to try this one with the paper as well. 

Now here is my version!

First and most important cut lots and lots and lots and lots of crepe paper into a flower shape. I didn't realize it so had to go back to cutting twice. I just counted and you need a minimum of 130 flowers to create just one thin line like i have on my lantern.

 I took three sizes and three colors 

Put a little (very little) fevicol in the center of one flower

And place the other on it.... hold for a few seconds...

Fold and check which side looks most interesting... let that be the outer side of your flower

now add a little more fevicol in the center....

and fold again! and hold again!

Ta-da... you're flower is shaped!

Now do that like 50 times more!!!! keep mixing up your colors and don't worry if the two flowers don't stay exactly one over the other... if it is a little up and down it will create interesting flowers!

Now for this process its very very important to draw out your line on the lantern first.... i didn't do it because i am super impatient but i did pay for it.... mid way i had to change my plans as the curve was not what i wanted it to be.... So draw your curved line and first stick the flowers along the line so you are absolutely sure its going the way you want it!

Its a long process.... from cutting to sticking (of just todays lantern) took me around 3 hours... do remember i watch a lot of TV in between!!!

But it is totally worth it don't you think? now imagine these at a wedding.... ahhhh.... such a pretty!!!!

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