Monday 13 June 2011

Doors in London

I love doors.... something about them i just find so inviting... so personal.... its the first impression really of your home..... on my trip to london last year i took pictures just of doors.... though this has nothing to do with a DIY project... i thought it would be interesting to share!

Love the blue off setted against the white and brown... stunning!

Love the modern touch with the brown border and the antique lamp on top...

Love the weathered look.... so old so vintage!

Love how classic this looks....the white moldings around the the door...

Love Love Love the logo on the top!

Love the classic once again.... 

Love how mysterious this door looks!!!I wonder where this leads to.... is that a danger sign?!!!


  1. these are great entrances. i specaiilay love that antique lamp on second pic.

  2. Thanks Nayana.... I simple love doors anywhere in the world!!!

  3. Gosh.. these are grand entrances.. Lovely pics.. Me.. too.. I love door ways too.. :-)

  4. I love pics of facades and different doors, different colors..particularly like the arched doorway and the cobalt blue one. Classic London!

  5. Gorgeous doors...I love doors and windows too. Makes me wonder what's inside and the stories that go with them:):)

  6. Hey Lisa, London really has the best architecture... classic and contemporary in its best mix!

    Kala, even i love imagining a whole story behind the closed doors.... :)so fascinating!