Friday 3 June 2011

Paper Flower Pompoms!!

so paper poms poms were on my list of things to do..... just look at this and tell me you don't want one of your own....!!!!

The only thing that i didn't like is that i couldn't find colors as fun as the ones in the images. So i used basic butter paper (I'm guessing its similar to tissue paper.... i also made one with actual tissue napkins but i didn't quite like them) and then just colored them.

For some reason i still cant explain i cut the butter paper into rectangles... i wanted square the tutorials said square..... anyhow! I had two sizes: i made two small ones 4" by 2.5" and 1 large one 8"x8".

 ......after cutting i placed 7 sheets together and started folding it like an accordion.

  .....this way then that way and ta-da!

 ....I tied the center with a string of wool. 

 ....rounded the edges so that the flower has a much softer look. for the most difficult part. see you need to take each sheet and pull it up, its ok if it's uneven but the whole sheet must get lifted at least the first three to make the flower look full. the unevenness brings out a nice natural feel to it. So what is difficult is that the sheets can tear if you try to rush it.... but even thats ok... don't discard a flower just because a bit of the paper tears... you wont notice it as much... just be careful!

......isn't that super pretty!!! this is the part i added... i like a bit of color...and i'm in love with watercolors recently so thats what i used.

..... blues greens violets.... wanted very non Indian wedding colors... just to see what it would look like.... 

I like.....

..... u like???!!!!!

This image is simply for my mother.... yes i am messy... yes i paint my hands more than i paint what i need to paint!!!!!!!!!!!

So there..... thats my flower pompom! you see the round lantern with the rolled up crepe flowers... ? that tutorial is next!

until then... happy DIY-ing!!!

ps: the links below the first two images will take you to the original tutorials i used.... have a look!

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