Tuesday 21 June 2011

Crayon Hearts

If you love DIY projects like i do you have to know that Martha Stewart is the queen online!!! She has some of the best and easiest projects... but honestly i find the site a little complicated... but once you reach a project you can make it super fast! 

So i picked a very childish very colorful very very fun project... i mean you put crayon shavings and hearts in one sentence... how can i not get excited!! 

All you need is  
* A box of wax crayons (So i went out there and bought a box of wax crayons after years!!! not since school and that too like when i was in the fourth standard maybe!
*Butter Paper
* A iron
* A pencil sharpener
* String
*A punch machine

Love how basic the crayon colors are!!!
I took a 30" by 30" butter paper sheet and folded it in the middle...

I placed the shavings on one half of the sheet...
I started with just yellow orange and red...

then added some blue and purple....

Love how the crayons looked once i had sharpened them....

The shavings themselves look so pretty!!!

I folded the sheet.... and placed a soft fabric on top.Now i used a medium hot iron on the fabric and gently ironed out the sheet. 

I had to keep checking as it seemed like the fabric and paper were getting stuck... 
You can actually mix the colors while ironing, just glide the iron in the direction of the colors you want to mix up...

Its very important to use and old fabric as sometimes the color would come out from the edges onto the fabric (one half decent blanket of mine wasted!!!)

ta-da!!! that's how it looks fully ironed out....yeah the wrinkles are ok!
I left this to dry for a day.... i think even 5 hours is good.... because you can't cut the paper till its completely dry.  

Now is the easy part.... simply sketched out a few heart and then cut them out. the paper is very smooth so be careful when you cut.... 

Punch out the holes and tie the strings at different lengths. I tied these to a stick and tried hanging it in the balcony... big mistake!!!

It wouldn't stop flying and then the strings got all entangled!! I think Martha was smart to frame it!!! So that's what I'm going to do too!!!

I really had a blast doing this little project... it didn't take much time... had so much fun with the crayons... and hey technically i made a form of paper... didn't I??!!!!


  1. Looks like you had fun doing this project, I have lot of crayons of my son piled up in my home and I must give it a try doing this..

    1. Yup had a blast... its a great project on a rainy day! let me know when you do give it a shot :)