Tuesday 6 September 2011

Wedding Tips Tuesdays!

So your parents don't get why you need a wedding planner... after all mom dad chacha chachi uncle aunty brothers sisters nieces nephews.... they are all there... what can a wedding planner possibly do that we all can't do?!!! Or it's just a budget constraint... after all every time you decide to do something for the wedding you can't keep calculating 10% of it going off to the planner!!

But you still want your dream wedding... you want a perfect day without the age old look and feel that families end up bringing to it... so how do you do it without that blessed planner??

What I have figured to have a wedding look planned is to basically take the key elements and tie them together with a single element.

Lets break up the wedding into very basic elements:
The invitation
The clothes
The wedding decor
The food.


Now what single element can tie them up?

One could be a very simple color scheme. If you are having a day event pick nice bright fresh colors like yellows and lime greens or pinks and oranges. If you have a night event pick deeper shades like a bottle green or turquoise. Know that you will always need a Gold, Silver, Black or White to offset the main colors.

You start off with the colors on you invites. Since that is the first impression of the wedding, its nice to give a hint! Next is to try to add it to your clothes. Now I know its not always possible, I mean who is really going to wear a lime green lehenga!!!!! An option is to have all your close girlfriends in the same color. That way your brides maids will be set apart from the crowd and you'll have tied up your clothes element with your color element.

Next is your decor... the easiest element and the most fun. From flowers to fabrics to practically anything in you chosen colors and you have a winner! Usually the decorater simply gives you white chair covers and white table linen and maybe sometimes ties a gold net bow on the chairs to make it look festive. What you can do is buy fabric of you chosen color and ask him (or ask you local tailor)  to make the chair bows and table runners of it. Buy more of the fabric and have beautiful sequins or mirrors placed all over it and hang it around your mandap. Ta-da... your color scheme has reached your wedding decor!

Now the most difficult element to tie up is food! It will be a very subtle element in the sense that you could serve orange and pink colored drinks!! Or a fresh minty green drink on a hot day event! You could also have your dessert end of the table color co-ordinated. Have oranges and peaches on a fresh cream cake or kiwis even. You could have orange strawberry or kiwi flavored ice creams too! Do they make kiwi flavored ice cream??!!!

have a look at my older post "the color pink" to get a clearer idea.

Its mainly just a question of paying attention to small details like these... repetition always stays in peoples minds.

which is why the second element you could use is a symbol or logo... as simple as a monogram of your names, or a symbol like the eternity knot or a lotus! You could even use a nice design you picked up the internet that you would't mind seeing again and again at the wedding.

This can be printed on every card and other art work. You could make cut outs of it for the wedding decor or block print it on fabric that you could use to hang on your mandap or use as table linen. best part is you could actually use this fabric at your new home as curtains.... see multi purpose!!!!!

Why you could even have the pastry chef make an icing of it on you wedding cake!!

The only place you probably can't use it is your clothes or your brides maids clothes!!!! But nothing to stop you from adding it to the intricate mehendi design on your hands!!! ha ha ha!!!

Here's a rough idea on how to incorporate your logo (a lotus in this case) and the color scheme (pink and orange) in your mandap as well as you wedding invite!!! please note its a very rough sketch!!!!!!

So next time your parents say no to a wedding planner... bring out your on sketch book and tie all your elements together to make your wedding look and feel like a lot of thought and planning has gone into it!!!

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