Monday, 12 September 2011

Custom gift wrapping paper

Finally a little DIY again! 

Have done a few in the last few days but just haven't taken pictures and put them up.... 
this blog of mine confuses me sometimes... i get torn between weddings and diys!!! 
like all things in life... balance is of key importance!!!! ha ha ha!!! So lets do a little DIY-ing for today!

have you noticed how all gift wrapping paper seems the same... almost boring.... though now i feel some companies are paying a little attention and making interesting ones... but something about handmade and custom designed things i feel, add to a gift!!

I mean if you are going to spend so much time picking a gift just perfect for the person why not spend fifteen minutes and make them a wrapping paper just for them?!!!

Its really simple, all you need is:
erasers of two three sizes
a cutter
butter paper (you could try crepe and gateway.... but i feel gateway wont fold as nicely and crepe the paint may take time to dry)
acrylic paint colors of your choice!

This step is so important!!! write out what you want printed the other way around. it took me one failed sheet of "hello" written as "olleh" to figure this out!!!! ha ha ha!!! 

Now with utmost patience carve out around your letters. I suppose you could do it the other way around as well, would be interesting to have your letter shown in the negative space of the color. 

yes i know its a little messy! but that's about as much patience as i could muster up!!!!!

next for some fun, i tried various shapes.

test test test!!!! You can figure out your colors and clean up your alphabets. 

and then start stamping!!! Again be a little patient and make sure you stamp creating a nice design!

Ta-da!!!! One custom designed gift wrapping paper to go!!!

ps: save the erasers.... use them next time someones birthday comes up!!!

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