Monday 12 September 2011

3D Card.....City Scape...

3D cards are such fun!!! and so few! 
this is my version of a 3D card....!!!!

I sketched out a scene.... was still in my cityscape zone....

using a cutter i cut a few buildings and trees only from the top such that it was still attached to the card... if you know what i mean!!!!

then i detailed the buildings and trees and added the streets and clouds!!!

folded all the cut out buildings ans trees so that they would pop up easily...

isn't that pretty..... interesting!!

the bottom part of the card should not be folded like this.... mine is because i had rolled the paper and forgot to press it down before making the card.... see some days i'm just so excited about the idea in my head that i don't think everything thru!!!!!!!

you like???!!!

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