Saturday 28 May 2011

Sarah and Bendrix ... and Me!!!

sarah and bendrix....... wow!!! 

so simple so crafty so unique... so so original!!!! i loved the work the minute i set eyes on it...

all done by Veronika.... "I have always loved to create. When I was a little girl my favorite activity was moving furniture in a dolls house and I still do it now. I'm a mum, crafter, artist, foreigner living in London. This is a place where I share my projects, ideas and dreams." so she says!

I first saw her work on a site called: 

And started googling her works. Each and every piece is a masterpiece....(and not very easy to copy i might add!!!) the small hearts, the tea soaked newspaper and antique book works.... just made me want to go ahead and do this myself!!! so first of all here are a few images of her works.... so you can see the best before you see my version of it!!

Ands now for me and my experiment!!!
i picked the old book paper artwork and one colored one...

first of all i was very very excited about turning the paper into this antique looking thing.... boiled my pot of tea and all that!!!

now im not sure how she cuts her absolutely perfect hearts.... must have the silhouette cutter im sure... i however had to rely on good old tracing and cutting. 

so here are my big hearts all cut up and brushed up with tea water....

I made some small hearts as well.... see as per the the original all i needed was one BIG heart.... but because i wanted to add my own two bits i made some small ones as well....

The coffee stains was totally inspired by these coffee stain brushes i found on photoshop.... only those take like a second to make... these you need you tea boiled and a nice end to a glass and then you're set.... 

 this is my absolutely favorite image.... so basically after the hearts are all dried up... this takes like some 10 to 15 mins.... i actually used the hair dryer because i'm so impatient!!!!! but they just kept flying away! so i had to wait... having your TV around helps!!!

 so once they are dry just stick one piece to the paper... put a few drops of fevicol (the key word being "FEW") on the center line of your heart and fix the next one and so on and so forth. Till you feel you have a fluffy enough heart! now the real trick is to remember to save the nicest looking paper for the top.
 I first made two layouts of how i wanted to place the smaller hearts... before i actually stuck them... its always a good idea to do this.... especially for someone like me.... impatient.... because this way you can be sure of how you want the composition to look before you're stuck with it!!! 
I choose the second composition.... now I'm thinking maybe the first!!! ha ha... well it's off for framing can't do nothing about it now!!! lets see what it looks like once its back :)

well Veronika.... i hope i have done some justice to your work.... i know it will never be the same but i love it so much that I had to give it a shot!!

ps: you see those pom pom flowers in her photographs... they are next in line.... so dont forget to come back for them!!!!

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