Thursday 26 May 2011

Flower Power.....!

And then i went on a flower craze!!!

tutorial after tutorial and some of my own experiment even!!

in no time i had made like 20-22 flowers in 3 days....

fabric i always have... for some reason or another i buy some really pretty fabric and store it... so i had like some lovely raw silks, sexy satins, brocades which i love and see thru nets...reds oranges yellow and pinks...and one odd blue (a left over from my gift wrapping of my nephews first gift!)

Crazy...  i know right!!!!! thing is i just could stop!!! its so addictive... and u can even use your scraps.... some needed stitching some just a little fevicol... good fun!

I don't have any links for the flowers in this board... but if i find them again (what a task thats going to be) i'll put it up...

I have a link for this one:
Now seeing this link and seeing my flower may be two VERY very different things.... !!!! but it was worth a try... maybe i need to get some peach colored soft net fabric for this to look like the one in the tutorial...!!

I have a link for this one too:

Now the reason i have linked all these to their tutorials is so that u can give it a go.... its so easy!!!

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