Wednesday, 25 May 2011

copying reproducing duplicating ripping off plagiarizing everything!

Ok... so lets start...

now that we know this blog is here to help me find my creativity... it all came down to "what to create??"!!

my husband and i have had this long standing discussion on how designers are just not original anymore... on how they just Google new designs and then make them, add a bit of their stuff and pass it along as their own.

some people we know have even gone up to being upset that someone else copied the same design that they copied and now both designers have the same product... copied!!!!!

so i decided to not just copy but to be honest about copying!

being online for the last few months searching for "my thing" i realized how much i loved making things. so the great DIY projects and websites soon started filling my bookmark manager. and slowly i started to make the things i was seeing... just to see if i could....if i had it in me...

and this has led me to ... copying reproducing duplicating ripping off plagiarizing everything! and recording it....!!

from replicating art to stitching (something i have never done before) i started making a number of things.

And i am going to use this blog to show off my copied products!!!

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