Tuesday 24 May 2011

Day one...

the whole reason behind this blog is to find my creativity again. 

As an ex interior designer wedding planner actor photoshop expert (only to people who don't understand photoshop) basically from being the "it" girl in something creative.... to not knowing what to do with my life! 

how did i get here??? 

i could create... i could draw (kinda) i could design i could come up with fab ideas in no time... and now i stress every time some says "can u design this??"

It started a year and a half ago when my husband and i decided to do "something creative" together! the whole concept was his brainchild... his baby. 

Now he is like a more brains person not so much creative... he's the manager the business end and the math genius and all of that... and i was... yup... the creative end.... till this little project we started. And suddenly the tables had turned... i was handling accounts and doing the calculations and he was ..... designing creating sketching (so bad that they were really cute!!) 

he'd put on his music and walk around the office and all these creative juices just started poring out of him.... and i started to feel more and more .... incompetent.

and this feeling just lasted. 

a lot has changed since then... and now he's taken up a great sales and marketing job for a motorcycle company where he gets to use his new found (!!!) creativity and i... I am jobless.... creativity-less if thats a word! 

And so i've been home... on the super entertaining internet... which i hated very much at first (i had a long standing joke that if i typed "cat" in the search tab all i would get is dogs!!!) but now.... we're friends.. and i spend all day on it.... in my search for something creative to do......

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