Wednesday 25 May 2011

Project one:

Project One: the Fabric Flower

I started off looking for diy projects for wedding and i found this site

It had this simple tutorial for a fabric flower....

Fabric flowers are the most popular diy projects!

So here is my tryst with my first fabric flower;
I started by picking a bright yellow raw silk fabric. And cut it into 5 large circles and 6 small ones. Around 4" and 1" in diameter.

 I chose the best circle i had (and that was tough.... all my circles were so bad!!!) and placed it as the base. I took the next circle folded it into a quarter. I found that if the folds are a little off they tend to add some texture to the final flower.
 I stitched the quarter with the corner at the center of the base circle. I did this with all four large circles. the rougher it is i think the prettier the flower will be!
 This is how the flower looks once all four quarters are in place... once you fluff them up that is!
 I took four of the small circles folded them in quarters as well. each circle i placed within one large circle and stitched it into place. Now this is something i added apart from the tutorial. I just felt it added a lot of texture and character to my flower.
Then i took the 5th little circle and rolled it up for the center.
 This is how it looked once i stitched in the center petal.
 Finally i took the last little circle and hid my really bad stitching!!!!! this is also the place where i put in my safety pin so that i can pin it to my t shirts!
 Voila! a fabric flower is ready!!!!
This took me around 3 hours ( i was watching dexter while doing this so....!!!) I think though i can make on flower from cutting to final product in about 40 mins.... which isn't too bad!

Now not only did i fix this to my t shirts and tops, i also fixed this to a ribbon i used as a 1. headband 2. gift wrap ribbon. i went so crazy making these flowers.... i have them in a number of colors now!

The best part was how easy it was. some basic cutting, folding and really really basic stitching!!!

Try it its fun!!!!

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