Sunday 7 April 2013

DIY Shadow Boxes - Part Two!

And now for my favorite.... for no other reason but it has my flowers!!! I love love love making fabric and paper flowers.... !!

The color theme of her wedding was white and coral.....I fell in love with coral.... its just such a pretty color.... so feminine!  

So I made lots of  flowers with a mix of coral and white satin and net.... the four fabrics looked great together!

Again I used wool for the alphabets.... i think its given a very soft touch to them don't you think? The white rose was something my mum had saved for years... it was on her work desk and i robbed it!!! 

That's a part of their wedding card.... love the design!!!

Since I made this before their wedding I had to use their engagement pictures. I love the idea of photobooth pictures... so I've tried to photoshop them to give that effect!!! And black and white pictures I think are the prettiest!!

So yup.... these are all the fun gifts I made while in Bombay.... I also made two felt number books for two nephews..... they're coming up next  :)


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  2. Awww was just thinking about your blogs a couple of days back....wondering if you had any spare time on your hands to blog! Im so happy to see myself featured on your comeback blog haha...We (Im sure I speak for all three of us) LOVE your gifts!!

    1. your wedding fully inspired me to make such fun stuff....:) I'm just glad they turned out nice!!!!