Saturday 27 April 2013

DIY Monsters Inc!!

So li'l Sid got lots and lots of little toys during my baby shower... absolutely adorable ones... but you know me.... till I haven't made one my very self.... its just no fun!!!

So since i had lots of left over felt and wool from all my previous projects I decided to out them to use.

What inspired me during this little DIY project of mine.... was that while browsing for baby stuff on Pinterest I found these madly adorable and grumpy looking monsters...

Doesn't link to the original... but to Craftgawker which has several more mini felt creatures!!

I was sold!!! No cutsie adorably namby pamby teddies for my kid....My kid is gonna grow up like Boo from Monsters Inc. Kickass!!!

So here is my version of making some fun Monsters!!!

This is really small ... like just about three or four inches in height..... much more fun!

I know I know I should have used a gray thread.... I was just feeling lazy to go get it!!!!

The following is my tutorial in a tutorial - The blanket stitch!!!

Take the needle thru the felt....

Pull it thru the loop....

And ta-da!!!

You can cut the cotton in this fancy shape but once its in its all smashed up together anyways... so don't bother!!!!

Make this stitch nice and good.... so that no cotton comes out..

Done ;)

Once you make one.... you'll get addicted.... they are fast and easy and oh so cute!!! Wait did I say cute? No No .... menacing and scary and frightening is what I meant...... right?!!!


(They are cute!!!!)

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  1. Booooooooo! too too cute and quick fun them n so will Sid!

  2. I hope so cuz ill be heart broken if he doesn't play with these!!!!!

  3. these are crazy cute! kids could do it too- easy learning to sew project.

    1. Yup... These would be perfect for kids!!! Glad you liked them :)

  4. Hahaha... These are such cute monsters :)

  5. This is one of my favourite blogs by you so far! The monster toys are adorable! What a fresh thought to have such monster toys for the baby..

    By the way my favourite line from the blog is.. "No cutsie adorably namby pamby teddies for my kid....My kid is gonna grow up like Boo from Monsters Inc. Kickass!!!" :D :D

    1. HEy Moushmi.... thanks so much!! I really do want my little one to become like boo... fearless!!!