Sunday 3 March 2013

Back to Blogging........?!!!

My last post in November was my last attempt during my pregnancy to actually keep up with blogging!!!!

coming up with new ideas.. actually going thru a DIY project.... and putting it up.... it was just impossible. Having said that, I did do a lot of crafty things in my second trimester.

I was at my mum's place in Bombay and completely relaxed (read *bored*).Also I was going to be missing a really close friend's wedding as it was too close to my delivery. So the guilt combined with the time on hand led me to make some pretty (if I may say so myself) fantastic stuff!!!

And one thing led to another... I realised I hadn't given a wedding gift to another friend as well, add to that another friend had just had  little baby boy, and I owed two nephews of mine birthday gifts.

So yeah now that I think of it, I did get thru a number of DIY projects but I just didn't have the heart or patience to photograph the process of any.

Now that I have had the little one.... a mere ten days ago.... I feel the extreme need to get back to making things.... stitching things glueing things together.... but that may take some time......

Till then I'm going to hunt for the pictures of the final products I made....and you can have a look at the little one that kept me from the blog for so long ;)

Come back soon..... for the fun stuff I made!!!

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