Monday 28 November 2011

Wedding Tips Tuesdays- Adding to your family!!!!

Ok so this is not exactly a wedding tip.... but boy will it be useful post your wedding!!!!!

So for most people who don't know.... 2 years is like the honeymoon period before you get to the "So when's the good news?"  period of a marriage!!

after all two years should be enough to get to know the person you have your babies with, to understand the mood swings of your life partner, to (in most cases) fall in love with your spouse..... well.....two years go by pretty damn fast!!!!

yes yes for all those calculating i'm in 2 years and 10 months of my marriage.... and yes its no more subtle hints but full blown "where the hell are the grand children!!!!!!"

Most of my friends are married and are now either pregnant or with babies ranging from just born to a year.... and I've been making the rounds to meet with them (hubby in tow most of the times) and its been very interesting to see all of them and their babies....and very educational! I have picked up many many pointers which I will share with you!

Having a baby is a big deal.... its a part of your hubby and you.... its something that is proof of your love for each other.... (for me at least!!!) and its such a big responsibility.... a little human that depends on you for everything.....

I've met girls who have been married for a year or two to girls who have been married for a few months and they have babies....from well planned to accidental surprise package...And what has struck me as most important is that both of you'll just have to be ready for the baby... you'll both should want one as much as the other.... or well at least should be ready in the case of the guys!!

and plan for the baby... understand your financials, understand what kind of family support you'll have and will need.... understand that life will change.... be ready completely for the change.

But more than anything.... build your stamina!!!!! I'm telling you you will thank me for this point....

I've been playing with my little nephew every alternate day for the last few days and the reason I don't meet him in between is because I'm nursing massive body aches!!! The first day my shoulders ached from carrying him around the next my waist because I decided to save my shoulders and carry him on my waist.... Oh My God!!!!!

And if not from the carrying around just from the sheer entertaining you'll be exhausted.... they have the energy of I don't know what.... But in my house we all took turns in making sure he laughed all thru the day!!!

So before you even decide to have a baby... spend a year building up your stamina... I mean like do some hardcore training.... like for a marathon or climbing mountains or something!!!

And watch your diet from a year before as well.... One of my friends (very smart girl) lost a lot of weight just before she got pregnant but in a healthy way... so when she put on it really didn't show all that much.... and now loosing it seems to be easier for her.... so that is another really smart pointer.

Meditation seemed to really help another friend of mine...She was into it and yoga from before but she said that she mediated and did her yoga thru her pregnancy and it helped her a lot. The yoga for her body of course and the meditation just kept her in a very positive space.... being positive and happy i feel is very very important because that's just how your baby is going to be you know...

Being happy has a lot to do with your husband.... so sit him down and talk talk talk.... discuss everything with him involve him in everything.... divide all the work post the baby so not only is he a part of his baby's life from day one but you have all the help and support you're going to need.

So there you have it... once the questions start popping up check this list:

1. Are you both ready mentally to take on this big step in life?
2. Are your financials in order? All steady jobs and business intact and all?
3. How much family support do you have or need?
4. Are you physically strong?
5. Are you positive and happy? both of you?
6. Have you'll discussed everything you need to discuss with each other?

Of course the most important thing...Spend the years before the baby having lots of fun... go on mad spontaneous vacations... party lots... spend nights talking to each other and getting to know each other.... the life of a newly married couple is very very important for your kids.... because its the bond you'll form then that will determine how you'll deal with things that come later in life.... So thoroughly enjoy the "couple-dome" but not with the thought of the baby is going to tie us down or our lives are going to be over once we have kids.... just in a positive way enjoy the life!

Well all of this is from a very in experienced perspective.... but like i said I'm spending a lot of time with the nephew as part of my training so these are all the pointers I have come to understand....!!!!!

yes yes... I'm ready (kinda, sorta .... ummm... maybe!!!) .... just readying the boy now!!!

Incase you'll were wondering!!!

So here is my inspiration for this post!

That's him!!!

He's my little doll!!!

look at those beautiful eyes!!!

That's my mum and him doing the boing boing!!!!


That's our screaming match.... what a fun!!!

Now how cute is that.... just being with him makes me want to have one!!!


  1. Very well researched my dear girl! Good for U!!!

  2. go ahead babes :)

  3. Hi Alishka,

    I literally feel someone has penned down alll the thoughts in my head right now and in a very systematic fashion at that! :D

    What a great blog!! Loved it! Am gonna take all the suggestions you've given.. Am shocked to read the stamina bit.. this is exactly what I was thinking of earlier this week. In fact am looking up kick Boxing classes :D I think that's how intensive the workout would need to be to build the needed stamina.. :))

    In my case.. the man is ready and I am the one thinking.. am I ready for this? Do I have the needed stamina, maturity to accept how big this change is going to be.. :)

    Thanks for putting down this blog.. it's such a BIGGG help!


    (PS: Your nephew is super adorable!!!)

  4. Hey Moushmi,
    Thanks so much!!! It feels great to see that the things that go thru my head helps someone!!!

    adding to the family is really a big thing.... so i've been doing a lot of thinking about it recently and i think these points will really help!!! Hope they help you too!!

    alishka :)