Monday, 21 November 2011

Finding Mr Right!

The most important part of a marriage is finding the right person..!!

We spend all our lives all our energies in just that... Mr Perfect! really? is there really someone like that that exists?

What is a perfect guy? Smart, Rich, Handsome? A guy that can make you laugh, gets you flowers everyday? A guy that can kisses you in front of your friends and hugs you till you fall asleep?

Thats not a real guy... thats a character out of a fantastic romantic chick flick....

A really perfect guy will expect you to laugh at yourself and to enjoy cheesy burgers and fries.... he'll fight with you and yeah well he'll still hug you till you fall asleep!!!!!

But really someone explain to me what is with girls (and guys) making up these lists of what they want in their companions for life? These out of proportion expectation they have of their to be's? Take a good long look at yourself before you sit down to make those lists.... what is it about you that your guy likes and dislikes... what are the things in you that he overlooks just because?

If you need to make a list of all the things that work for you in the relationship as opposed to all the things that don't then that right there is the biggest reason you shouldn't be with them.

If you really like the guy.... you wont need to convince yourself... if you are then you're settling.... which also somewhere somehow sometimes is ok. Its fine to sit back and say that "hey these things i can deal with and these things I can't but they aren't so bad that i absolutely can't deal with them" and then stick with it... stick with him.... either ways love marriage, arranged marriage, crazy love or practical decision... whatever the route... the end result is to be together... to stay together.... to be able to say that I am here for good.... and to actually do that....

Divorce has become such an easy easy thing to do... it takes just one sign on a paper and you're done... earlier it used to be such a taboo.... if a couple even went so far as to consider it both their parents would sit them down and ask them to give it another shot.... but today.... who has the time... the patience?

and what is a good marriage if not full of patience.... and giving of time to each other?

after a few years there may not be that crazy passionate "love" but if you foundation your relationship with friendship and respect it'll take you much further.... If you can have fun and laugh together and sit in silence and be ok with it.... you're in a good space.... look for that the next time you're looking for love....

I always tell my friends "If you have more reasons to be with him than not then just be with him!!!!"

I love this line i read somewhere once" Love isn't about finding a Mr Right.... its about finding someone imperfect and loving him perfectly!!!" And i really think thats true!