Thursday 24 November 2011

Wedding Outfits!

This was my only so called "Designer" outfit!!!! Its a Ritu Kumar and holds a very special place in my heart....

All thru my wedding shopping i felt like i needed to have at least one designer outfit namely a Sabyasachi!!! but of course because of my budgeting that was way out of my league!! Lots of friends spoke of Ritu Kumar as being the ideal bridal designer but I hadn't paid much attention.... till that one fateful day in a delhi mall (forget which one... one the outskirts of the city.... its super huge.... damn!!!)

I was completing my western outfit part of my trousseau when i saw this Ritu Kumar store on sale!!! SALE!!! now i just had to go in there.....

almost immediately i saw this piece.... and fell in love!!! and then the price tag and i was more in love!!!! my cousin who i was with convinced me that to get a Ritu Kumar (its funny how i have to type her whole name each time!!!) at that price was a steal but still i had to ask my mum..... but she didn't answer right then.... so we had to leave the mall....

I was leaving for Jaipur the next morning and i just couldn't leave without that outfit.... So when i finally got thru to my mum and got permission.... i rushed my cousin and hubby to be all the way back to the god forsaken mall almost an hour and a half away.... we got there like half hour before closing time and luckily it was right there waiting for me!!!

A few alterations and they couriered it to Bombay for me.... ahhhhh sooooo pretty!!!

Frankly i looked my prettiest that day and not just the outfit but the make up.... one of my most magical friends did it for me and she just made me glow!!! yeah i think the happiness of marrying that guy also had something to do with it!!!!

So here's the dress and me at my emotional- est!!!

Something about finally getting married can make you super emotional......

I loved every minute of it....!!

All the Punjabi details and the jewellery just brought out the best in the outfit!

Everything about it is so bridal don't you think?

The embroidery and intricate details looked stunning....

Every lace every piece of brocade and gold thread work.... the colors.... i love!!

I especially loved the way the dupatta fell... so soft and gentle and lovely!!!

hmmmmmmm I could get married all over again just to get back into that outfit!!!


  1. The outfit is gorgeous and you look super gorgeous in it!

    Loved the blog and the way it's written.. straight from the heart! Two thumbs Up!!