Thursday 24 November 2011

Wedding Outfits!

So one of my most favorite persons is getting married in two months.... and i'm soooooo excited!!! buying new clothes, dance practice for the sangeet, the wedding decor the invites..... all of it so fun!!!!

Of course nothing like the shopping!!!! (though yes decor is more me... but new clothes.... c'mon....!!!!!!)

I've been on the net for days trying to find the current colors and styles.... now to go out into the market and see it for real.... i have so many options..... really want to check out a masaba for the cocktail and aishwarya for a beautiful saree for the baraat....

The wedding is in delhi and i'm sure even all the delhi-iets will agree that you really gotta dress it up there! The last wedding i attended there i was looked up and down by every girl!!! I'm sure they knew exactly what shoes i had on and whether my jewelry really matched my outfit!!!!

So while I'm on my search.... here's a little reminiscing on my wedding clothes!!!

Lets start with my absolutely favorite outfit.... the cocktail lehenga....!!!!

yes I'm a full on nautunki!!!!!

this was my ek do teen dance!!!!! someday one day i may put up the video!!!!!

so that's the choli.....

this is my favorite part of the outfit.... see the image on the left without the heavy dupatta can also be worn with a simpler dupatta to make it less dressy.....and with the heavy dupatta... well that's just pure drama!!!!!

see what i mean.... every layer is stunning!!!!

this was really my most favorite outfit!!!!

don't you just love the details!!!!!

The next outfit in the next post!!!!!!!

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