Monday 9 September 2013

Working with a baby...

Working with a baby is not easy. It takes immense organisational skills and the ability to switch plans at the last moment!! 

Especially if your baby is still little, as in not old enough to go to play school. Then there are very limited ways to work!!! 

1. Preferably try working from home. 
If you have the luxury of starting your own little business, nothing like it!  Like starting some online shopping portal, or making jewellery or baking cupcakes... Things where you have the freedom of taking on as many orders as you want. Or if your work mainly involves being online, you could always ask your employee if for a year or two you can work from home, as long as you are meeting your targets it could work. 

2. Involve grandparents! 
There are no better baby sitters than grandparents. They will love the baby and look after him with a lot more care and attention than a maid or ayya. Plus the joy of spending time with their grandchild is incomparable. Trust them more, let them handle the baby their way... Lay down a basic ground rule of meals and sleep timings... But then just let them be.... They did grow you and your husband after all!!! 

3. Schedule your day but keep it open! 
Sounds funny but it's the way it is... Despite all your planning and arranging for everything to keep the bumling occupied for a few hours... He could suddenly decide he wants something else! So if you have planned on his sleep time to finish up some work chances are he will wake up just then!! Don't get annoyed... Accept it.. The sooner you do the easier it will be to deal with it!! 

4. When you are out you are out...
When you have to leave town for work or even be out the whole day... Then shut down all thoughts of the baby (I know you're thinking easier said than done!!)  During meetings, no thinking has he eaten? has he slept? Is he still coughing? Did the maalishwalli come in time? Don't go calling your in laws or parents who he is with every hour, or message them asking for updates. Three forms of communication in the day, that's it. Two calls one sms!!! Morning, afternoon and evening. 

5. Don't hide your baby! 
If you are on a call and your baby screams out its ok... Don't shout at them and if they need your attention simply tell the person on the phone that you are a working mommy, could you call them back? Some people may think you are unprofessional but the smart ones will respect you more. 

6. Take breaks...
Not only to feed or change the baby, but to play with him. Every two hours or so, put everything aside and just give him all your attention for twenty minutes. He'll be so happy... That he won't bother you for the next hour or two while your working! 

7. Work smart.
If your baby goes to play school, finish all your outdoor work and meetings in that time span. You can easily send out your emails or do your online research at night, so that that is more free time during the day for the baby. (Like more often than not, all my blogging happens once my baby and hubby are knocked out!!)  

8. Put the baby to work!!
As he gets bigger get him to join you at work hours. If you have to work on the computer get him to sit with you and draw on his papers. If you bake all the better make him your food taster!!! That way he won't feel like you are not spending time and you won't die of guilt! 

These are all I got for now. Some thanks to a little experience the others just common sense!! But most importantly I think you have to remember not to feel guilty... It's a useless emotion that has a capability to stick to you and grow like a virus!! 

That's why I always feel like when you decide to have a baby it's a big decision, well getting back to work is the next big decision. Don't get pressured by other mothers who get back in three months or  feel guilty seeing mothers who never get back to work... It's your decision.. And whatever you choose it's good... It's tough initially but if you push thru the first six months you are good to go!!! 

And remember nothing is permanent right? So if you start work and it doesn't suit you just drop it... Let it go.. It's ok! 

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  1. Anything for that sweet sweet smile na? Yup, got to do it all and well enough! Common sense sure helps as do parents....