Monday, 9 September 2013

DIY Gift Wrapping!!!

While working on our Happy People DIY DAY research I was able to finally work on a few qucik DIY projects!!

One of the first things that came to my mind was how I was always looking for cute wrapping paper for gifts.

So I decided to just make me some!! I'm sure most of you remember my last attempt at making gift wrapping paper? The rubber stamp one?

Strange as this may seem but I seem to have posted this twice!!! ha ha ha!! Here is post one and here is post two!! The first was in sept 2011 and the second in april 2012..... I need a better system!!!

Anyhow!! here is a new one.... (i'm so going to put a reminder that I put this up!!!)

Well, to create this one you also need to use the stamping technique, but minus carving the stamp!! (which I have to admit is kinda tedious, also by now the ready to use stamps available in the market makes making your own stamps a little silly!!!)

For this DIY you need bare minimum material:

So there you go.... a new fun and easy home made gift wrapping paper!!

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