Tuesday 4 October 2011

Wednesday Photos!

COlor color color!!!! nothing makes me happier than lots of colors... I truly am my mothers daughter!!!

I love how colors can actually change your mood.... make you happier and more cheerful.... or calm and peaceful....

Its amazing how from the moment we choose our toothbrush color... to the clothes we wear or the color of our cars and our sofa sets.... every where color plays such an important role.... while some people love bright colors some just can't have it around them...

So today as part of my wednesday photos.... here is, well... lots of color!!!!!!!

One day my kitchen will look like this!!!

This wall is a dream come true!

That's what my water color pallet looks like!

Ahhh... crayons.... ahhhhhhh carved out crayons!!!

why won't anyone do this in bombay?

my home one day!

I don't know what this is... but its super fun!!!!

This is just because the other day i commented on how red and pink just don't look good... i eat my own words today!!!!!! 

And so ends my love for color for today... hope the colors cheered you up too!!!

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