Tuesday 25 October 2011

Happy Diwali!!!!

When we were kids diwali was all about firecrackers and new clothes and mithais....!!!!

The house would have lights on from dussera and mum would make a beautiful rangoli in the living room.... (which more often that not my dog would ruin in the middle of the night) we would make all sorts of eatables like chakli and chirotis and shankapadas!!!! all my marathi friends will get these!!!!!

the main event was the breakfast..... along with all the above mum would make dahi poha and kala vatanas ( back peas) so so so yummy!!

So we would be made to wake up super early and mum would put us on this little paath (stool) and put this perfumed powder oil mixture called uthna....I hated getting up that early... as i grew older i was made to get up even earlier to do rangoli around the stool... how i used to be grumpy!!!!  and then we would shower.... I still get that perfumed smell diwali mornings!!

Then we would dress in our new clothes!!!! and get ready for the guests..... everyone was invited for diwali breakfast! friends family..... a lot of times there would be certain relatives we would see only diwali to diwali!

and then time for crackers.... i don't promote noise pollution or child labor.... but a few cracker are just needed on diwali day!!!

Oh how i miss that breakfast!!!! I could eat it like three four times that day.... ! yes we can make it during the year but then whats the fun?!!!

We would eat so much that it would turn into a brunch..... the sleep you get on a happy full stomach is the best!!!!!! you start with lazying and opening all the gifts and eventually you just knock out on the couch!!!!!

Now diwali is different.... not because I'm married and we don't celebrate it like this in the new house.... even mum and brother don't do it exactly like this... there is the breakfast which is still super.... but something about that childhood diwali (i think its just the shopping and endless mithais and no rules that I'm missing!!!) feels lacking....

diwali is a festival for kids..... !!

For the husband diwali was always about the mithais and crakers and the diwlai parties.... the have a super big friend circle and each one throws a diwali party.... there are unlimited snacks and cold drinks for the kids and all the elders play cards..... and the kids too once they are on a sugar rush!!!

So for me today diwali is about the chill in the weather, the going home to jaipur, the dressing up for all the diwali parties, the eating heavy duty meals for every meal and the sleeping for hours in the afternoon!!!

Its different but its diwali.... :) 

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