Thursday 22 August 2013

Mompreneur - Ritu Gorai!

So for the first time, I plan on introducing you guys to someone I met online... someone like me... a new mom who has started her own little venture... a mompreneur!!

We met thru this amazing group on Facebook called the First Moms Club.

Meet Ritu Gorai from "Aapka Makaan Hamari Dukaan"!!

(and her super adorable baby girl Sara)

Like most of us, after Ritu had experienced the high of being a new mommy and now that her little one was grown up, and after all the pot lucks, the baking, the PTA meetings, the play dates, the mommy dates she needed something that was all hers. A new adventure that she could have!

AMHD is a unique, creative, quirky online portal that focuses on retail and corporate gifting and which offers an inspiring mix of traditional and contemporary handpicked life style products.

Here are a few things I asked Ritu about:

1. How does it feel to be a working mommy?

Common wisdom would have us believe that a mother gives birth to a baby. But I now know, as do all mothers…a baby first gives birth to a mother. “When a baby is born, so is a mother.”

Up until this moment, it was all about me! Everything I did was related to how things affected me, I was the center of my universe.

Then I had a baby. And the center of the universe clearly moved from me to my dumpling.

AMHD stemmed from the need to create a home and work balance, to be able to watch my baby Sara grow each day, and not miss a moment. She makes me, who I am today… a doting mother and an entrepreneur - Mompreneur.

I consider Mommyhood different; not difficult! It’s a huge change in life especially in your priorities. A working Mommy is a challenge especially in a nuclear family… it has its share of ups and downs, highs and lows.

2. What made you think of starting an online portal with arty stuff? Have you had any background in interiors or in art that made you more inclined towards it, or was it just a pull towards your creative side?

I do not have any formal training in interior design as such, however, I always had a huge interest in decorting homes. Home art is just my passion for fashion turned into a profession. I love artists who work from home and small garages on paper thin margins. Also one of my favourite pastime has always been window shopping at flea markets & exhibitions.

3. "Aapka Makaan Humari Dukaan" is a funky name….How did you come up with the name? Also how long have you had your shop?

This name was suggested to me by my older brother. Also, I didn’t believe in the cliché of having short brand names or a dot com web portal. I wanted something more personal and intimate. 

My online Dukaan is a Mompreneur initiative and is 3 weeks young!

4. How do you pick your brands and products? What about them catches your interest. How can someone who is interested in showcasing their works on your portal get in touch with you?

Visual appeal & value for money. I ask the question - "Will I buy it for my own personal use?" A lot goes into making any handmade product which requires a lot of patience & I truly appreciate that. Artists can connect with AMHD via email communication (

5. Which are your top five products and which are your favourite ones out of them?

Hand crafted shoes
Upcycled bags
Mini Temples
Door Mats
Wall Paintings

And all of them to be honest… I have most of them at my own home!

6. How did you come up with the gift an experience idea? It's a really cool concept!

Personally, I have always struggled to buy gifts every year for friends & family. Gifting an experience is different & something they will always remember and cherish.

7. Any product that you have used at your place? 

Yes the Noorjahan Tray lies with great pride on my coffee table.

8. What are the new products you are planning on launching in the near future?

There are many more home décor products that are coming up… I would also like to add F&B gourmet hampers & a Kids section which is a work in progress! 

The end!

While I am really looking forward to the kids section and the F&B hampers here are three things I loved at AMHD:

1. The shoes!! Such cute colorful shoes... what's not to love!

2. The Gift an experience concept... Such a good idea for the days when a candle set just wont cut it!

Gift a stay at Vivaana Culture Hotel

3. The Wellness category for all new mommies is a blessing!!! If we can't got out for that foot massage atleast we can do it our selves with these great body butters!!

The colourful posters and film prints are definitely worth a mention.

Saving the best for last are the prices... from all online portals I have been to, the price range at AMHD is super competitive!

You can get gifts starting at Rs 200 and going up to Rs 56000! Not bad huh?!!

So come one everyone... lets do our bit to encourage young mums who are starting out again... log on to today!

Well, thanks Ritu for sharing this super fun website with me... can't wait to get my hands on some of the stuff :)

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  2. Hi Alishka,

    Where can I get in touch with you? I would like to feature you in my blog.


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  3. Love the site! The 'Home Decor' section being my favorite! Every single item seems handpicked and therefore personalized! All the Best to Ritu for the amzing venture, Go Rock Mompreneur!!!