Wednesday 7 August 2013

Friday Weddings: Svyatoslav and Alice!

One of my biggest ruses with Indian weddings is that they are too stuffy and formal.

I know in our own way we have fun and let loose, nowadays even more so, but somehow the whole ceremony and the ten functions we have are exhausting...especially for the bride and groom...

I wish we could have a more relaxed approach to such a great day... I mean after all its really a day to celebrate the couple... not harrow them!!!

Have a look at this amazing wedding I saw recently on one of my favorite websites : Style Me Pretty... they showcase some of the most fun bohemian weddings I have ever seen!!

This one took place in Moscow, Russia. My best friend stays in Russia, I still haven't had a chance to visit... but if it's this pretty... I'm definitely going next summer!!!

The couple, Svyatoslav and his pretty bride Alice, really look like they had a blast on their special day!!

And the photographer Max Koliberdin, oh my god.... he has captured everything so beautifully.... the relaxed state of mind, the sunshine, the space.... he just made it look like an even more magical day than it already was!!

The color scheme for the day was Blue Orange and Rose..... a great combination for a day wedding.... what I absolutely loved (well one of the million things!!!) was the banner design they used on almost everything. 

I am a super fan of DIY things as you know... so these adorable banners just made my day!

Tell me you don't just love love love the seating?!!!

Details are what really make for a great overall decor..... 

imagine it.... chilling on the grass, a friend playing his guitar, someone singing, wine flowing, beautiful sunshine streaming through trees..... ahhhhh!!! perfect!

 the trees, the flowers, his flower pin and the wreath on her hair, love how everything is complimenting each other in these pictures..... and the colours.... so pretty!!

Having fun at your wedding is something I can't stop stressing on.... its very very important to look back on your day and not only remember how tired you were, how your feet ached, how you had to smile at random guests, remember the smile on your husband's face when he saw you, or the private joke you'll cracked on your friends ... remember the fun!!

On that note.... if you think this is the kind of personal romantic bohemian wedding you would like to have let me know :)


Photography: Max koliberdin

Floral Design: flowersbazar

Event Design and Planning: A special day

Venue: The Country-House Museum 

Dress: Papilio

Do check out the SMP page for more images :)

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