Monday 6 May 2013

What Can Make Me Cook!!!!

Im not the best cook... in fact I'm only sort of fond of cooking...its more a - if I have to I will kind of a thing with me....or if I'm just in the mood to have something special!

But there are two thing that make me want to cook- a great kitchen and the hosting a party bit!!!!

I love a fully furnished quirky kitchen as much as i love styling a dinner party.

So here is a  little round up on kitchens and table settings that made me want to cook :)

love love love the colors and prints... a fantastic mix of it all.
The first time my mum suggested painting her fridge I thought she had lost it.... but today I eat my words!!! 
yes she did paint her fridge a shiny bronze!!!!!

How convenient is this? Cook on one side... eat on the other!!! and the best part is its not just some small coffee table seating its a proper cozy dining table :)

Love anything vintage.... the utensils remind me of how it would have been in my grandmothers' kitchens!!

Terrace parties are the best, don't you think?!

color color again!!! and that wallpaper!!! I want this kitchen!!!

Now for some lovely table settings.... I so want to throw a party and set them up like these!!!

Burlap is one of my favorite materials... so raw but still beautiful.....

I know its in the garden.... but that's what makes it even prettier don't you think?

You can't go wrong with balloons....!

Now this is more my scene.... paper flowers.... bring it on!!!

This is so easy.... just lay your ribbons on the table.... I actually used this for my wedding... but i stitched them together so that they didn't move around too much.

So there you go.... a colorful kitchen some old fashioned utensils and a great table setting.... and you've got me cooking!!!!

ps: don't tell my husband!!!!


  1. Wow.....those are some great settings....and yes, a coloured fridge is great! Bet Aadi would join you in doing it up....! Cook away little girl!

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  3. Wow they all look so pretty!! And whats this nonsense about you not being a great cook.....I have eaten your food and can vouch that you are a super cook and an even better host :)
    or like my nieces tell my sister "mamma you are a super cooker" lol :)

    1. thankooo!!! but i'm super lazy na ya.... so the 'super cooker' happens once in a while!!!