Monday 20 May 2013

Doggie Love!!!

When I'm really really low.... and no amount of TV and conversations or anything can lift me up.... (and If i'm no where near my little Mylo) I have  two special Pinterest pages.... "Can I take this one home" and "Makes me smile"

While you may see some really sexy guys on the can i take this one home page.... that's not what I'm referring to in this post!!!!Though if I have to be honest they don't hurt either!!!!! there are also little cute babies and kittens.... but lets just focus on the crazy dogs here!!!!

But no seriously even five minutes of going thru these adorable doggies can totally make my day full of sunshine!!!

Here take a look if you don't believe me!!

yes yes.... I know you think I've put all my doggie pics here.... I admit I went a little crazy... I mean how do you choose??? but I promise there are Lots Lots more there... so anytime you're having a bad day feel free to go thru these two boards and I guarantee there is no way you wont feel better!!!

I bet you were already laughing out loud at some of these mutts!!

Just had to add my little baby to this list!!!

isnt he just huggable!!!!