Tuesday 6 November 2012

Lust List 002!

Sometimes a lust list isn't just things you can buy..... its just things you fall in love with..... this week I have a love affair with all things gray and purple.....

I find these colors super romantic and beautiful..... and very calming!

It all started with these super pretty flowers...... its heartbreaking that you'll never see these colors on these flowers in India :(

love this beautiful door...... wonder where it goes?!!!

One of my own "inspired" pieces!!!!

So cozy....... if i ever get into this bed I'm never getting out!!!

Taking romantic to a whole other level!!!! super pretty!!!!!

I want I want I want!!!!!!!!!!


  1. you know what.. I agree.. I never really came across the two colours together.. These have a classic appeal!!

    and about that cozy bed.. can I get into it with you in a non-sleazy way.. ;) ;) ?

    1. you are forever welcome sleazy or non sleazy my love!!!!

  2. What rubbish....u do get these flowers here too....u have to look for them...and love ur inspired painting...!